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Ancepril...finger's crossed

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I've been researching many different products for clearing up acne....This will be the first natural pill form solution I'm trying. I heard good and bad reviews, but I will try anything once till i find the right one for me. I did use Accutane, it made a big difference at first but about 4 months after being off it my acne returned. My little sister just finished her time on it (with many mood swing effects) but her skin has cleared up completely. I still don't recomend it unless you have tryed everything. My sister became a crazy bitch and I barley see her now....ANYWAY.....back to the Acnepril...I will be ordering it tonight and hopefully it will give good results in time....I think one reason it helps is because it recomend LOTS of water witch is probably the best for you skin (that and eating healthy) which sucks cause I love to pig out here and there...but even if i do that BAM! I breakout. I will keep my results posted :D

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I have had really good results with Acnepril. I take 8 pills a day so that could be part of the reason. The bottle is done in 15 days but its worth it. To me this stuff blows Accutane out of the water. Not only does it clear your acne up, but it heals and protects so many other things like your liver, hair and finger nails. I also dont get ingrown hairs anymore. Plus theres no side effects. I wish you luck.

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