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Therasol vs. Lumiport

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I like the handheld devices because I will only be using it for spot treatment. I am nearly 100% clear and I just want to prevent potential breakouts.

What device is easier to use? Which device takes less time per treatment?

Thanks in advance,

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I posted a topic asking about Therasol because it looked pretty neat but I found it fishy that I couldn't find any info on it anywhere other than it's own site.

The topic was closed because apparently the only people who responded that knew of the product (and had positive reviews of it) were using duplicate accounts for the purpose of advertising.

So, I never got my answer! I hope they didn't think I was trying to advertise by way of even asking. I just was genuinely interested but cautious.

I say all this to let you know that even if you get some posts on here in favor of Therasol, there's a good chance that they are just people advertising the product under an alias :(

BUT! I would love for there to be some real replies, so best of luck!

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hi all,

i was googling about therasol on the net, and basically found a link to this thread. (and literally found acne.org)

i read your entry and i have few things i can tell. good and bad

1) i found therasol (from Vital solution) from a link through facebook. basically, i was skeptical at first, probably a sham, because the user reviews looks fake and all. nevertheless i try to purchase it.

and guess what, i did receive the product yesterday.


1) from the site they claimed, i should received the product in 14 business days max. i only received it after nearly a month. I ordered on 27th july. during the interval, i did make an account at visol, so i can check my msg box and send email/query to visol about my product status, they did reply my email the next day, and promised me to ship as fast as they can.

2) When i received the product, the box i received, was shipped from KOREA (from the shipment details) . if im no mistaken, vital solution is based in US or canada which leave me puzzled a bit. my first thought that probably therasol is being assemble/supplied there. there's also a link given which is. smmedical.co.kr .

So i did checked the site, and i found out it is a medical company in Korea providing medical laser advance technologies. They advertised another product which is similar to therasol called Theraskin' but only with blue LED light.

fyi, the shipping date from korea is on 21/8/2009. So i dunno what the hell happened between 27th July to that date.

So my conclusion is, Vital solution is not a sham company, but i do believe they got their supply/equipment from various sources.


and the Question that probably u will like to know the most.

Does Therasol Work???

I dunno yet. today is my first day using the product. So i will keep you posted on the update. is it working or not. fyi, i consider myself having a mild acne group people.

i hope this information will help you guys. thank you.

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