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Warning about this regimen

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""Here are a few more quotes from threads on the board:

**my face is sooo itchy and i cant stop scratching

** Skin is extremely itchy and my entire face seems too be peeling

**The BP will still kill your acne but it will resign you to answering a lot of people who ask you whether or not you've been sunburned. (my note: I guess this means the bp is leaving this person's face constantly red. Safe?)

**I've been on the Regimen for quite a while and I must say it has gotten my face to handle the pimples great. When I wash my face with my hands I feel the smoothness of my face. But when I look in the mirror, I just have a bunch of red marks that really stands out.

**hey i use bp for a day or 2 and get these wrinkles around my chin or where dimples would be when i smile

**HEy i used the proactiv bp lotion for two months it kinda worked anyways out of nowhere i started getting a horrible reaction from it. Wherever i put the lotion, my face would get red and swollen also the spots would be hot .

**i used it ONE time and it made me itch liek you wouldn't believe.

**Recently, I read on another board that they have discovered BP causes aging of the skin, and they are considering putting warning labels on the product. However, I do not know if this is true or not.

**Maybe I am using too much, but my chin is red and irritated, and it looks like I am breaking out more. I have only been using it for about 3 days, and had been using on the spot with great results. I am just wondering if I am using too much and it is irritated.....thanks

**Once I was on benzoyl peroxide and my skin was flawless, now if I go within 10 feet of that stuff my face becomes bright red and inflamed.

People continuing the regimen even though it's irritating their skin:

**the gel makes my face quite red but feels good otherwise.

**Yeah, after I started using it my face got a little red. Some guy at work asked me about it, and I said I was just naturally rosy 8-[ I think it will go away, but I'd rather be a little red than have zits!

References to turning red from the regimen:

**BP makes your skin more sensative to sun. I have the same reaction.

**I get it as well

There are too many more quotes like this to list. Still think I'm alone on this one? If bp can bleach (not simply discolor, but actually bleach) your clothing, imagine the havoc it could cause on your sensitive facial skin with extended, heavy usage.

And probably the best advice on the board:

**I am a Doctor of Pharmacy Student so drug mechanisms and what not, I am familiar with. As with any sort of medication, over use can cause irritation.

From a parenting website (newmomsforum.com)

**And because of potential harm to the fetus, standard treatments like antibiotics and benzoyl peroxide are not recommended. (my note: This coincides with the FDA warning about bp usage if a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding. I saw absolutely no warnings on this site regarding the usage of bp if you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or breastfeeding.)"""

when you put it up like this peoples indifference with their own health really stands out. it is actually quite shocking. you got the right perspective... really accentuates your point!

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Redness and itchiness are completely normal at the onset of benzoyl peroxide application. I just want to make sure people are again aware of this fact. From "Acne & Rosacea, 3rd Edition":

"Benzoyl peroxides induces an irritant determatitis with erythema, scaling, and itching, occuring chiefly within the first days of treatment and gradually subsiding. This is the well-known hardening effect."

Many medications require that your skin become accustomed to their use at the onset, and benzoyl peroxide is no different. This is why I warn people repeatedly to start slowly and to moisturize. However, if you get redness or itchiness at the onset, this is totally normal. Keep using a small amount of bp, moisturize daily, and do not get paranoid and stop at this point.

Furthermore, there is no evidence of bp use during pregnancy. Studies have not been performed. "Acne & Rosacea, 3rd Edition" flatly states, "Pregnancy is not a contraindication." Doctors sometimes tell pregnant mothers not to use it because of lack of data, but it is not contraindicated based on any research. A mother should talk to her doctor before starting any medication.


P.S. For some positive quotes, read http://www.acne.org/success.php

P.P.S. Regarding disclaimers, my policy is to only post information that is backed by studies, and studies and decades of use show that bp is safe. To be fair, I will, however, place a disclaimer page that includes the information on contact dermatitis and that bp has not been studied during pregnancy.

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P.P.S.  Regarding disclaimers, my policy is to only post information that is backed by studies, and studies and decades of use show that bp is safe.  To be fair, I will, however, place a disclaimer page that includes the information on contact dermatitis and that bp has not been studied during pregnancy.
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Remember: when someone is selling a product, their goal is, obviously, to sell the product. Dan is selling gel and a book based on bp usage.
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Everyone is going to have their own opinions of any given substance. There are over 10,500 "beauty products" on the market - but the FDA has only approved 11% of them.

We would all be dismayed if we realized what we actually put on our bodies.

Dan has used a product that has worked for him. Others on here have used it and do okay, others do not. The ones that do not should decrease their amounts and then try again. If you are like me and can't use the dose that Dan does, then you have to look for other alternatives.

Michelle has used a product that worked and then turned on her. I have printed her post so that I can research further on what she wrote (research - it's my job!). For her, she is dealing with a whole new issue. Hopefully one that will heal itself with time.

For everyone else, you simply must make your own choices as to what works for you and what does not. There are thousands of contradicting statements out there - on any given subject. Regardless, your decision is your decision. Stand by it and don't whine if you find out later you made the wrong one. Deal with it and move on. In regards to BP - you haven't been lied to - there simply is not a major consensus on the subject.

Take the old adage about drinking water: 8 ounce glass, 8 times daily.

Then read the following:


CNN did a report on this too. Goes to show how conflicting even tried and true - or not so true - methods really are. Frankly, drinking that amount of water greatly increases how oily my skin is - but I still think you should drink it any day over sodas, sweetened juices, or excessive amounts of tea and coffee.

Dan, you've got a good site - it allows people to talk and compare notes. You don't advocate your product only and you don't push it. That's enough for me.

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Well, I guess I need to post one more time. As I have stated, I like to post only facts based on studies. An article is not the same thing as a study. If a long term study on bp were done and was conclusive that bp causes rocacea, I would post it.

I put a link to bp safety on http://www.acne.org/regimen-instructions.html which is the most important page on acne.org. I am not burrying it in the thread. Since you don't agree with how I mentioned you I will remove the mention of your case. I will keep in there the part about contact sensitization, however.

I really hate defending myself, but I guess I need to keep doing it. I have already explained that I made bp gel because no one else would. As far as the book goes, I did not even try to make a book. I never even had that idea. They contacted me and asked if they could make the site into a book, so I said yes.

Thanks to everyone who's got my back on this. I am not in this for the money. If I was, I'd probably be on some creepy infomercial smile.gif

Michelle, I have no doubt you will want the last word, so feel free to reply. Then, I hope we can let this go.


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Excerpt from article:

Trauma (ie, cold injury), prolonged sun exposure, or exposure to irritants (eg, soap, benzoyl peroxide) is often sufficient to initiate symptoms. At first, symptoms are mild, but cumulative damage results in more severe symptoms over time in people in high-risk groups or who are otherwise predisposed.

This implies that a person has to have a history of family rosacea or be predisposed to getting the disease. The articles does say that the first stage is often affected by anti-acne therapies. It does not specify specifically BP at that point - so salicylic acid and sulphur could also technically be a cause.

To me, personally, this implies the same thing as having heriditary heart disease, breast cancer, etc...diseases that run in the family or along blood lines. So, if you were already inclined to get the disease - certain things would help trigger it. I could come from a family of cancer riddled individuals - and maybe wouldn't get it - unless I did the one thing that triggered it.

So Michelle's rosacea may well have come from BP - but does this mean that others who use it more than the typical recommended amount will get it? Hard to say. Might have to look at the genetics of your family for that answer. Unfortunately, your own personal genetic time bomb can come from a family member you never knew existed that lived a century ago.

However, rosacea is often mistaken for acne - it would be wise, maybe, to ensure you are treating the right disease. Treating rosacea with any topical acne substance would be detrimental to your skin - especially if used for a long time.

This is an acne site....make sure that's what you've got! rolleyes.gif

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I really think using small amounts of bp on occasion is fine and safe.

But it is a sad fact that most people on the regime are using very large amounts daily, and this is where the trouble starts. Bp, like any acne medications, are really only meant to be used in minimal applications, and in alot of cases, only once a day, to lesson the drying and irratating effects.

So the best thing everyone should do is go by what they feel. If your skin is fine, use it. If your skin is continually red or dry or irratated, then your skin is telling you something. BP IS NOT FOR YOU. The trouble with acne is that it is so resistant, so it needs a beating to reduce it, unfortunately that also means harming the healthy tissue surrounding the acne. Yes, bp does harm healthy tissue. Any chemist will tell you that.

I totally agree with everything Michelle has said, i myself used the regime in full force and now have very sensitive skin. And i do think that the regime should only be used once a day for the first couple of weeks for your skin to become more slowly used to it. But its Dans site, and he now sells bp, so any info against bp usage will of course ruffle some feathers.

To everyone who is against Michelle for her info, just be thankful someone cared enough to give you the information to help you avoid some of the problems!

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There's nothing wrong with providing contradictory information and I am quite sure everyone knows there are two sides to every coin. THe problem is Michelle only used a handful of doctors and articles to try and make her point valid. Dan uses a text book for doctors and the word of numerous people who used bp. Why would a text book publsher lie about soemthing that thousands of doctors are goign to read?

Also, Dan has been doign his regimen for how many years and he never has mentioned this happening to him. Michelle has every right to post her experiences with bp and unfortunately she got hurt. Does that mean everyone is going to get hurt? The simple answer is no. Dan put a disclaimer page and bp facts on his website in plain view for everyone to read. He even updated it to accomodate one person's fears.

People just need to take into account that problems can arise and they need to be aware of what they are doign to themselves.

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I don't wanna cause a ruckus, but:

Dan is the man, and you need to back off with your BP drama. tongue.gif

Thank you kindly,


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I don't wanna cause a ruckus, but:

Dan is the man, and you need to back off with your BP drama.  tongue.gif

Thank you kindly,


Well said......Well said

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this is absurd, as someone said already bp has been in very wide use for a long period of time.

if it caused any & i mean ANY significant problems lawyers would have descended on it ages ago.

I rest my case. biggrin.gif

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Michelle never answered how dan is telling us to overdose when it says on the label to use 1-3 times a day. I would like to know how she would respond to this. And secondly I personally dont care if it kills me in the future. I dont no about everyone else on this thread but I am not an immortal so Im going to die one day so I might as well be happy now rather than living a long life of misery. If its not cancer it could be a the front end of a bus as im crossing the street. End.

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I don't think just announcing 'dan is the man' is gonna help

One should take all opinions in consideration, especially opinions one does not want to hear.

However, with i think it's you good idea to weight the risk to the profit. there's a 75% chance your skin gets better, and a 0,1% chance it gets worse.

Of course, no-one wants to hear about the risks and it's easy to get hysterical about them

But all in all i guess for me the profit outweights the risk, but everyone should be able to decide that for him/herself of course

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this is for michelle,

dan's research is based on current research done by the dermatologists and scientist's who make the products for acne medication.

it is there simply to make money, however dan has really devoted a good amount of time and research to reach his own conclusion, a medication that works for him and other people.

However it is no cure for the rest of us. The fact many people have symptons of dry skin, itchy skin, red skin is proof for a cure!

a medication will simply take away the symptons or sometimes will cure the problem. however the problem with bp and the other harsher chemical face washes out there leave your skin dry and itchy. then you have to buy a moisturizer to combat this.

Another problem, Dan has no credentials, his site is not based on pure 100% science.

I have discovered a website by a biochemist, she self studied it 7.5 years, who actually connects the dots about the true cause of acne. She cites all her scientific sources, she uses basic human anatomy, chemistry and biochemistry to state her case. The funny thing about all her sources cited is that they were all financed by pharmacuetical companies, who secretly know the cause of acne!

No only that, she proffers a sample diet to clear you of your acne! I can't beleive Dan has researched it or read it yet. BP is proven by fact to be a cure all remedy, just for a lucky some/per cent.

When you have acne, don't you want the cure, not just some treatment for it.

Michelle, I really want you to check out her site about acne:


Here is her main site:


She has an acne message board where she uses science to back her claims!

It is read-only though!

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I've already caught the Wai show before. I did the diet for 6 months. Result - whiteheads and blackheads gone...in their place - cysts AND massive weight loss, hyperactivity, craving of sugar and coffee, weak muscles, slow wound healing, no sex drive, fatigue, lower resitance to infection, colds (I don't normally get colds). However, I agree in part with her theory about protein. When I went on a very high protein / low carb diet I got bad acne, which seems to support her theory in relation to myself. But blood sugar levels are a bigger problem for me and she glosses over that a little. Her theory is a peice of the puzzle, but her diet is not the answer. I've experienced very good results from a diet based on low GI green vegetables and small servings of low fat animal protein...no sweet fruits, no breads and no legumes.

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