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Basically i suffer from severe acne, I have about 6 cysts in total, a couple on either side of my cheeks. But I have been on antibiotics for a few weeks and well I went to the beach yesterday and it helped alot. I have been told it is because of the bacteriaphages or something like that, that are in the sea water. So if I were to say grab loads of bottles and collect as sea water and use a spray to cover my face in sea water each day that would help my acne.

But will the bacteria that is in the sea water last a couple of months? or will it die and be completely pointless applying it on my face. This is because I dont live near the beach back in the UK, we were just on holiday.

Has anyone else tried this before?

Thank you

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I have never heard of this.

I'm going to florida in a week.....altho I wasn't planning on getting my face wet from the water

*sigh* i have a LOT of scars and am very embarressed for people to see me without

make up *another sigh* lol.

sounds interesting, i wonder if putting salt in water would work?

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hello,i just joined today to reply to this thread:)...abt 6 months back i had lots of sever acne with lots of pus n blood so went to my dermatologits n guess what she said....i need to wash my acne with warm salt water....what i did was...used (normal salt which was at home) salt in warm water... took cotton n wiped my acne with it twice...morning n nite n trust me worked like a miracle.....acne dried up n healed without any marks.....but after tat i started with anti boitics.....doxy.....n i stopped don it....i giess am gonna start again n check out what happens.....

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Salt water is good because it acts as an exfoliate and it cleanses skin well. I've had great results just going to the beach. However, it can dry skin out a lot so I don't recommend using it all the time.

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