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whats the best way of treating this spot, its been around for about a week or so and refuses to go away.

been applying bp (5%) , and aloe vera gel to it.

any ideas?

(btw it looks much worse in the mirror, can't see how raised it is in a 2d photo)


got another similar on on the other side of my face, apart from those and red marks :angry: my face is quite clear atm (thanks to dan!)

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I had about 15 of those on my chin at one time. Accutane started drying those up, but in the end time is the only way to get rid of it. HOt water may make a whitehead come out and then you can pop it, but I wouldn't suggest it unless you are desperate.

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I agree on the tea tree oil. I use it neat, on a cotton tip, just dab it on to the spot only and leave it on. Try doing this 2-3 times a day, it dries pimples up really well.

I had a pimple that wasn't too big but on my cheekbone (good for me for having 'great cheekbones' that stick out to make it more noticeable <_< ) that arrived last Friday, I spot treated it with tea tree and added extra BP to the area and this morning it was completely gone. Clear face for me now. Yay. If it's a little whitehead I can get rid of it in one day using tea tree, it's amazing stuff.

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hmm that pimp looks the same like I normaly get on my shoulders, that would suck to have on the face sad.gif

yeh thee tree oil seems the perfect thing for that. I normaly just soak it with 10% bp knowing it won't help rolleyes.gif

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Where to Buy this tea tree oil?

Please let me know if this can be bought in stores like riteaid savon or walgreens, Brand name would be very helpful.. I need it so badly sad.gif


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Yup, you can buy tea tree oil online. I'm in Australia and the stuff is so popular here it's sold almost anywhere. I use one by a company called Thursday Plantation. But you should be able to get it online easily, any online pharmacy/chemist would probably be good. Or just try a search on the internet, I bet a lot of companies will come up. Some sites sell tea tree oil exclusively.

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Yesterday I picked a Tea tree oil bottle from savon. I had small pimple forming, applied the stuff on that and to my surprise the spot had turned into a white head bit lrger than the orginal spot, Is it normal with tea tree oil? Thanks

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