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best oil-free, natural looking liquid foundation??

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I'm wondering if you all would recommend your favorite liquid foundations - that provide good coverage for acne scars, are oil-free, and don't break you out, and look natural?

I've tried TONS of different liquid foundations and can't find a good one. People have recommended to me many different foundations but the best ones I've tried have been L'Oreal or Lancome - I love how natural they look, and what good coverage they provide while mattifying my skin. But unfortunately the best ones I found are now discontinued...and one that is still around changed ingredients to include an oil (while still retaining their "oil-free" label) and it took me months of unexplained severe breakouts before I finally realized it was the makeup and that the ingredients had changed. So when I stopped using it, the breakouts cleared immensely.

The dermatologist has me on 50 mg spironolactone twice a day, Benzaclin in the morning under makeup, and Differin .3% at night and also for my back acne. My back is amazingly clear now and the Spiro. seems to have accomplished that (it started coming back while the doctor had me temporarily off the Spiro.) - it would be hard to describe how bad it was before...and the scarring even seems to be fading, which I think is because of the Differin. But my face still breaks out severely with my cycle (hormonal acne) or with certain cosmetic products; otherwise the breakouts are moderate and controlled.

In the past the doctors tried just about everything, including Accutane (which cleared my face completely for a couple of years, but then it came back) so spironolactone was sort of a last-ditch effort and I'm glad I tried it. I don't have polycystic ovary syndrome or hormonal imbalances - the doctors tested for all these conditions - but still the spiro. works well for me. I'd recommend it to anyone with adult acne...I'm 32 and still dealing with acne!! =) There should be some kind of law against dealing with acne and wrinkles at the same time....lol. =)

My skin is extremely sensitive - breaks out at almost everything, including if there is any oil whatsoever in the foundation. Even salicylic acid products break me out, because they dry my skin so much - even if I use moisturizer - that I get AWFUL breakouts. Mineral foundations don't work for me either; I've tried them.

Right now I'm using Mary Kay medium coverage foundation but am not too happy with the results - it covers well and doesn't break me out, but it looks so caky when I apply it over Benzaclin (which the doctor said to do). So I'm really looking for better options...would rather NOT look like a cakeface, but my acne scars are dark enough that I really need to wear some makeup for coverage.

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