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biafine, accutane, and red marks!

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just started taking accutane (40mg claravis). I have some red marks from previous acne that I'm obviously looking to get rid of. I have a scar above my right eye that i've been putting biafine on. (This is a scar from when I hit my head, and is completely unrelated to acne) I'm wondering if I can put biafine on my red marks while doing an accutane cycle. It doesn't dry the skin at all, and I would only use it at night before I went to bed. I've researched the topic, saw a few people tried it and got some results, but they weren't on accutane. If you have any advice, please let me know. I'll be asking my derm the next time I see her, but I'm jw if any of you have any experience/advice for me.

Also, if you have any other treatments that you would recommend for getting rid of red marks while on accutane please let me know. I might just have to wait until my course is done, but if there is something I could do while I'm on it I'd like to. Thanks!

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