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Guest Herätys

Why is it....

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Guest Herätys

Why is it that when you pick and clear everything out, it comes back again eventually?

Like I THOUGHT an idiotic thought, that when you clear it out....it's done with.

But always does come back


If I were to leave my acne alone, what happens to all the gunk that was in there to begin with that I normally do get rid of.

Confuses me.

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The stuff you release is a combination of dead skin cells, white blood cells, and some bacteria. If you pick (most people don't release a pimple and treat it correctly) you are making the problem worse by:

1) Not putting an antiseptic on it to help clear existing bacteria in the pore that your body is trying to get rid of.

2) Possibly spreading the bacteria to other parts of your skin on your face causing more infection of pores

If you leave it alone, your body will eventually win the battle against the bacteria and the pimple will dry up and fall (or pop on its' own), as dead skin cells (as the skin is naturally exfoliated by cleansing, these dead skin cells will fall away).

Try taking a look at Acne info: Popping a pimple at the top. And remember not to pop it at all if it doesn't have a head.

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