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Smoyle127's Accutane Log

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DAY 121

Everything is good but I'm noticing some dryness of my forehead as of late... I'm sure it's just a side effect. Everything else is the same.

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I'm glad Accutane has worked well for you so far.

I'm on my second week, and it's so far so good. I've got a bit of dryness, especially on my lips, but noticing gradual improvements.

To read how pleased you are, after a long period of time, really gives me hope and confidence to persevere with everything.

Thanks and good luck! biggrin.gif

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DAY 137

Going into the 5th month... it's really flying. Face has remained 100% clear and so has back. Dry skin on nose and chapped lips. That's it!

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I was originally planned to have it for 6 months, but since we took it down to one pill a day instead of two Mon/Wed/Fri the derm said I might have to be on it for another month or two... I'm currently on my 5th month.

DAY 157

Same as always! "Thank God for Accutane!"

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I'm really happy to see that this is working for you.

I took accutane about 2 years ago, but unfortunately my skin has gotten a lot worse lately, so I think I'm going to be one of those people that has to do two rounds of it. ..if I decide to go on it again.

Anyway, congrats. I'll keep reading to see how you're doing.

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I finished my accutane course, and it cleared my skin 100%! Sure, I still have some red marks and occasional pop-ups, but nothing that some Clearasil/Neutrogena Wash won't take care of.

Overall, accutane is TOTALLY worth it and I would recommend it to anyone! The only side effects I had were chapped lips, (which was pretty severe at times) and dry skin on my face.

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Haven't checked in in a while....about a year to be exact. I've been breaking out occasionally (especially on my forehead) and may have to do another Accutane course, which is OK...but it didn't stay 100% clear as long as I wanted it to....oh well, we'll see what happens.

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