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the future mrs adams

the most embarrasing day of my life...

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ok so i just thought i would share a really embarrasing story that happend to me back in march of 09...all because of acne "/

so, my best friend graduates cosmetology school and is ready to take the state board! she asks me to be her "model" which would include me sitting for 5 hours as she completed various techniques required to become a licensed cosmotologist in the state of california. so we make it through almost all of the required and timed demonstrations, about 4.5 hours in...each person completes the same demos but in different orders, so the person next to you isnt doing the same as you...and the room looks like a gigantic salon with 20 girls testing and 20 models...so it was crowded! okay so back to being almost done...she flips through the binder that shows what demo to do next and it says MAKEUP...so she goes and gets the supplies and before she can get back to her station the instructor/moderator comes over to me and just stares at me through the mirror in front of me...i smiled and thought she was observing the previous hairstyle that was just completed. my friend comes back to the station and the instructor turns my chair around to face her (and the rest of the class) and tells me that my skin is in "terrible condition" and she was not to perform the makeup section on my skin as it was "unsanitary" my friend asked if she could use gloves, and again was told my chin and jaw are clearly swollen and inflamed and would not be appropriate to consider for licensing requirements. my friend also suffers from acne similar to mine, and i swear to you we were the only ones there who had acne/scarring...by this time i was mortified, the rest of class was done and the timed test was almost over, everyone was turned around staring at us. the teacher told my friend she was to receive an incomplete on this portion and turned around and walked away. we were both in tears, it was the worst ive ever felt...i just wanted to run away and throw up all in the same moment.

...it gets worse

the instructor comes back in the room with another woman. the other woman has a green paper in her hand and is headed straight for me. neither of these 2 women had an ounce of sorrow or said something to ease the situation. just straight faced and RUDE! she hands me the paper and tells me to sign it. i couldnt even read what it said and at this point i just wanted to get the fu#k out of there. through tears im asking what would happen if i didnt sign, they say something abotu jeopardizing my friends chance of getting her lic. etc...i scribbled all over the bottom of the paper and shoved it back...whole class still staring...she pulls out a camera and tells me she must take a picture of the condition of my skin for their records. i cant even tell you the humiliation i experienced as she zoomed in on my face, with tears pouring down, and took 3 pictures of me.

to make this all better we had to wait 3 hours for the results of the test....when it was time to go back i couldnt even stand to look anyone in the face, i was so embarrased. luckily my friend is AWESOME and she passed even with 2 incomplete demonstrations! i told some of my friends and family what happened and their reaction was the same, what????!!?!?!? i would call the person in charge of them etc etc. but the truth is...i felt even more embarrased to do that because, it was true, i did have bad skin, they would only tell me what i already knew at this point. i just wanted it all to go away.

that was the day i decided i would do everything in my power to help get rid of my acne. i met with my derm 2 weeks later and it was decided i would start accutane! BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE...hands down. im on day 82 but it doesnt mean that day gets any easier to remember....just wanted to share that for all the people that go through the public ridicule!

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Wow that is absolutely fucking horrible, but to be fair your friend chose the most shallow course available in an already shallow as fuck world, that kind of thing is going to happen, society in general are shallow fuckers, people at my old job started treating me differently as soon as my skin started getting bad, but fuck em. Sorry you had to go through that experience, what a bunch of bitches, i think most acne sufferers go through similar things to that (although probably not as fucked up and evil as your experience) and realize what a shitty materialistic and shallow world we live in.

Sorry if that doesnt makle much sense, im tired as fuck

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OMG, I can't believe that human beings can treat each other in such a way :( Poor you!!! But I'm glad that you have been positively motivated by it and Istrongly believe that you'll be rewarded soon :) One day in the very near future, you will come back to those ugly monsters and show them how gorgeous your skin is, my friend :)

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