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Aloe Vera Gel w/the Regimen?

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I've been using the Regimen on and off since November. I took a break in February and then started using it again the end of March due to some breaking out. Overall I'm completely satisfied as I haven't popped a pimple on my face in who knows how long. Literally I do not get any pimples that need to be popped, at all. The only problem that I have with my face is some clogged pores on my nose, chin, and by my temples. Obviously the Regimen doesn't advertise helping get rid of clogged pores so no big deal there. Lately I've been out in the sun too much, and have burned quite often (yes I know it's bad for me). When I do burn I take a few days off from the Regimen to let my face heal, but I noticed something. For the few days that I'm slathering on aloe vera gel, I have no clogged pores at all. My face remains clear after I stop the aloe and then I get clogged pores again. It's pretty much the same thing and then repeat. So I was wondering, can aloe vera gel be used as an everyday moisturizer? It doesn't even leave me the slightest bit greasy, and it's very moisturizing. Would cleanser-->BP-->Aloe vera gel be ok to do?

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I've tried using Aloe Vera gel as a stand-alone moisturizer and it didn't work very well for me. It tends to dry on the skin like a tight mask, and will flake off during the day. I think it would be fine to mix it with a moisturizer and apply it.

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