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hey everyone !!

it has been 6 weeks since i started the regimen, and lately i have been really unsatisfied with my skin, new breakouts, blackheads, whiteheads, cysts, and nodules :confused:

i began to wonder if im doing something wrong, so i watched the videos again and came to the conclusion that im being too rough with my skin, also 6 weeks later im still only using 1 full pump of BP

usually when i use 1 full pump my skin gets very red and it burns ESPECIALLY when i apply the moisturizer after, the jojoba oil makes my skin looks really shiny and brings out the redness alot more

pretty much this post is here to prove to anybody that it is vital you follow the regimen step-by-step day in day out, the first few weeks were AWESOME i was clear for the first time in years

i was just curious to hear what others have gone through, mistakes/problems?

also, should i be using the full 2 pumps of BP by now?

thanks :surprised:

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for the BP: You should probably be up to 1 1/2 pumps, but you have to judge that for yourself.

It seems from your post that you might have sensitive skin. After the first month or so, I was pretty much clear of redness/stinging. If you have sensitive skin, your skin will take longer to adjust. Just keep at it.

Actually, you may want to try the cetaphil moisturizer. It helped me a lot more then Dan's moisturizer during the stinging. (Just be sure to switch back, I think the cetaphil might be causing me breakouts...)

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Yes, by this time you should be using the full two pumps for best results.

We usually aim for using the full amount by 4 weeks, unless you have super sensitive skin and have to go real slow with it.

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I noticed the same thing that everyone else has recommended. I had the same issues as you around week 5-6 and as soon as I upped the BP it cleared up quickly. I don't use the full amount of BP now, but I did initially to get myself clear. I use 1 pump day/night now and I haven't had a pimple in a long long time.

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thanks all for your replies !! :razz:

tonight i upped the BP and already my skin looks better than this morning

my skin is super sensitive so it doesnt like BP yet lol

one thing that really bugs me though is that my chin and around mouth ALWAYS is darker than the rest of my face

any ideas why? :redface:


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