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having dermabrasion with Dr. Y!

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leo, I am so so so so happy to hear about your great anniversary, and the compliment you recieved about your skin. Poe, im also happy to hear your dermabrasion went equally well. You guys are def. an inspiriation as are most people on this board! good luck and healing

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Thanks so much Leo for the information. It's kind of funny to hear you explain your whole experience because I'm from Louisiana and saw Dr. Yarborough for microdermabrasion when I was 19. I'm now 25 and have the money for the real deal. While microdermabrasion helped a good bit, (about 20-25% improvement) I feel a real dermabrasion is what I really need and can now afford. Since you mention the staff, I should second all your thoughts on them. They are truly the best medical staff I have ever come across anywhere. They all have been there forever too. I think Cassandra has been there for 20 or 25 years. Dr. Y is a jolly man. White hair, friendly, and gentle and humorous man. He definitely knows how to calm a patient and when you're in Cassandra's hands you feel like you in the best possible hands in the world.

I want to fly down in Nov and have it done, likely taking 3 weeks off of work to visit extended family for a bit for the procedure and recuperate with the immediate family and then fly home.

I need full face (ouch to face, ouch to pocket book)

So I have a couple of questions, and oddly even after seeing the man 5 years ago for several micro sessions I don't know the answers to:

1. Does Dr. Y do scar revisions like punch excision and grafting? (for ice pick and boxcar scarring)

2. How many people here have had laser and/or dermabrasion and can comment on the satisfaction with each. I've heard laser is the way to go (and I have a good laser Dr. right here in my city) and I've also heard that dermabrasion is the only way to go for acne scars. (and if anyone in the world was to do Dermabrasion on me it would only be Dr. Y)

3. Does anyone know the time frame required between scar revisions (like punch excision and grafting) and a resurfacing by either laser or dermabrasion?

Leo can you describe the pain, if any after the procedure.... day 1, day 2, day 3, till no more pain is experienced? How about swelling?

Thanks so much for sharing your story and best of luck to you!


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I had a full face dermabrasion with Dr. Yarborough 14 days ago. I am extremely pleased with my results.

In response to your questions:

1. Does Dr. Y do scar revisions like punch excision and grafting? (for ice pick and boxcar scarring) / Does anyone know the time frame required between scar revisions (like punch excision and grafting) and a resurfacing by either laser or dermabrasion?

Yes he does. Dr. Yarborough treated all my icepick scarring 3 weeks prior to my dermabrasion. He did so using the Punch Float method, which was wonderful. The icepick scars were eradicated and healed within 5 to 7 days. Dr. Y said that Punch Floats can be done 'as soon as' 21 days before a dermabrasion. And in case you may ask, Punch Floating is simply a method whereby the underlying tissue beneath an icepick is lifted-up into the center of the scar to permanently fill it.

2. Laser.

I had Co2 laser and it did absolutely nothing for my scars. However, it did cause permanent hypopigmentation and was a complete waste of my energy and funds. I would never recommend it to anyone.

You will be in wonderful hands with Dr. Yarborough smile.gif


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OMG Kiki - you weren't exaggerating when you commented your skin hasn't been this good since you were a teen! It looks fantastic! Congratulations! bb_eusa_dance.gif

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WOW Kiki!! Your skin looks AMAZING!! It looks so smooth and perfect now.. I don't think you need to do anything else with your skin!... I still have some scars though, but they are much softer looking now... I think I can live with the results.. biggrin.gif.. If I won the lottery.. hmmmm... then maybe I would do a touch up.. but WOW, I am still amazed at how perfect your skin looks... Thanks for posting the pictures up!... Take care and go on out with your beautiful self... tee~hee


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I just took a look at this thread! Way to go guys!!!!! bb_eusa_clap.gif

Kiki: that is looking so wonderful. I KNOW how happy you feel! wink.gif

Poe: Keep us updated so can dazzle us w/ your wonderful pics as well!

I am so happy for you guys! I'm glad that people are looking into dermabrasion as a very effective treatement for scarring. Heal Well! bb_eusa_dance.gif

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Hiya Misty smile.gif I will be posting some pics up in the next couple of weeks.. it won't nearly be as amazing and beautiful as Kiki's but you guys will see the improvements!..

LoL Kiki, I feel the same of Dr. Y.. No words to describe how waandaful that man is.. hehe


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Hi. I live in South Louisiana and made an appointment for the end of August with Dr. Yarborough yesterday based on my dermatologist's recommendation. And then I decided to check out this website for general info about the dermabrasion procedure -- as I had when I went on Accutane (I've been off it for a year now). Turns out all you guys are talking about the exact doctor I was told to go to. Wacky! Anyway, I can't imagine I'd be able to take more than a week off of work to get this done. And my job involves a lot of talking to people and going out in public. Will I heal enough in a week to put on some make-up and not look entirely freakish? Or would it take longer than that? How about 10 days? Thanks.

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Wow, Love, your skin is looking amazing! I've always wanted to have punch exicision for my ice picks but didn't want to trade in scars for lines. I guess it would be an improvement but the thought of waiting months and months for the red scars to fade made me think twice. I can't believe you have no linear lines/scars! I will definately have to research 'punch float' now.

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Oh my god! You look awesome. I think I just got my hopes wayyyy the hell up. WOW. I have never seen a before and after transformation like that and trust me I've spent thousands of hours looking for before and after pics.

This man was right there in my back yard for years and I went and move away before having it done! How stupid!

Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOo much for the pics. There isn't more truth to the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" in your case all very positive words.

You must feel so thrilled. This has me really excited.... thanks for the boost. I'm already so much more relaxed about the whole thing and I'm thrilled to learn he does the punch floats. Your scars and mine are similar, I might have a few less but mine are deeper I think.

Everyone should post before and after pics... I plan to do so when I go for it in the Fall.

Thanks again! You look beyond awesome!

QUESTION (if I may): Was the punch floats painful? local anesthesia? Was the dermabrasion more or less painful than the punch floats? I'm a big scardy cat (sorry). bb_eusa_shifty.gif

Chris (portlandboy23)

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OKay. At the risk of sounding like this post's crazy, troublemaking bitch:

KiKi, did you retouch the lower half of the frontal-face picture? Thea area about your jaw looks rather blurred. Perhaps the camera did this by itself?

If not, your skin looks amazing, and I think this definitely decides whether or not I'll be making an appointment with Y.

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Love you have more pictures of after??

What type of pictures did you guys send with the letter?? instant?

Can anyon look into my gallery and do you think dermabrasion is adecuate for me?


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As I was forunate enough to spend a considerable amount of time with "Kiki" prior to the procedure (we were both at the Mcfarland Inn two days prior to our dermabrasions) and heal together after the procedure in actual person I can personally confirm that those pictures are in my opinion are a 100% absolute accurate representation of her before and after. I personally think her improvement is tremendous having seen her results in person 10 days after the procedure.

Kiki is a wonderful person and for her to share her pictures with you all like that is in my opinion a wonderful gesture. It also reaffirms that Doctor Y is for real and the proof is in kiki's photos.

Also remembering that we are all only at two weeks, the full results are not shown for three to six months. Poe I definately think I will have the procedure one more time as if I get such good improvement for one I might as well have another as really this has far exceeded my expectations given having my hopes raised and failed by so many things in the past. I thought I would have to live with severe scars for the rest of my life! Plus I want to get this performed by this man prior to retirement! I have already started saving --- tuna sandwitches for lunch for the next year here I come.

PS for the guys I used Dermablend Make Up today after two weeks and honestly it covers the redness perfectly (PS I want to state I do not take pleasure in wearing make up!) and you cannot even tell you are wearing it. Even my sister now wants a dermabrasion and her skin is perfect!

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