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any suggestions on ways to fade red marks on my cheeks would be greatly appreciated. im currently using baking soda about every other day. not seeing much success with it though.

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b.s. isn't safe. try chemical peels.

are there any peels that are store bought/ mild/ and will not cause redness or irritation? im a total stranger to chemical peels btw so any advice is great

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If you search baking soda and my username, you'll see that my opinion of baking soda by itself isn't high. Why? Baking soda is alkaline. MIX it with Apple Cider Vinegar to alter the pH so that it's more acidic. The skin is acidic. Putting alkaline products on the skin - even just once - can alter the pH for up to 14 hours. Applying an acidic product right after the baking soda is adequate, but not nearly good enough. Just one application of an alkaline product can cause itching and burning and a reaction. I still don't think baking soda is as good a product as perhaps salicylic acid or glycolic acid...both of which are acidic and can more closely match the skin's natural pH.

Take a look at the post called "Clearing pores, getting rid of tiny bumps" at the top of the blackheads and non inflammatory acne forum. ALL of those products are exfoliative, and exfoliation is what will help clear up red marks eventually. No tanning, either, as that tans the red marks and makes them last longer. Wear sunscreen.

Read the pinned posts at the top of the forum for tips on red marks; those are very helpful.

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