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So i have a facebook right, and like a week ago one of my semi-friends (who is a guy) said that i have the most awkward photos he has ever seen. this was a wall post, so i just commented "thank you". really though, does this have anything to do with my acne even though it is really mild? i looked through my pics.. none of them too awkward to me. who the hell does he think is to say that to me reallyyyy !. it makes me even extra self concious

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Personally, considering what you wrote I don't think he meant anything by his comment. I mean, does your picture look doctored or taken in a strange way to hide your acne? Sometimes, People with acne are "extra" self-conscious and alittle on the paranoid side. We tend to take things so litterally and become very "touchy".

Honestly, Don't take this to seriously but if it bothers you that much: Just ask in a friendly way "what did you mean by that"? I mean, you can do on the speculation all you want but wouldn't it be better to get some closure? Sometimes, we make sucha a big issue out of us having acne, that it can influence other people in making it an issue; When, in the beginning they never really payed attention or gave it much of a second thought.

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yea you might be misinterpreting him, just reply with something like "lol wat u mean?"

yeah in a private message, otherwise you might be walking straight into an even more fruity situation if he replys publically with something you dont want to hear

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-he might like you

-us as guys don't think about comments; there is no thought put into it, just what we see

-he might mean your acne, who knows?

-he could be trying to strike up a convo (see bullet #1), as he is a "semi-friend." And he is putting it in guys terms (see bullet #2) since you are semi-FRIENDS.

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yeah i guess it isnt really a big deal... next time im with him i will just be like "yeah soo whatd u mean by that" i guess in a flirty way just so he doesnt take it the wrong way haha thanks though guys just writing that and seeing responses made me feel better

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I don't think he meant to say anything about your acne.. Might be something else.. or just wanted to tease you may be he likes you..

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