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People went to the moon , PEOPLE invented the computer , PEOPLE invented the telephone where u can talk to somebody that is 100 million miles away ...Such great inventions and u still cant find a fuken simple cure FOR A NATURAL PROCESS?????

So why is it that there are 100 million products to fight acne , why is it that the dermatologist tells u to come in every week , why is it that he tells u to not eat this to not eat that, use this product, dont do this , do that,,,, ????? WHY!!!! why does he want u to come in every week ,

WHY? because this is a business , He needs u there all the time , If he told u the truth , he will go out of business , and all those years of study , all those years of college would go to waste.. Dermatologist wont tell u the truth , because that is pathetic, why would i tell u the truth when i need ur money , why???? the money is not in the cure , its in the medicine , I have to sell u things , I always have to sell u things, (believe me im a business man , i know) , I NEED U TO COME IN EVERYTIME, FOR WEEKS, WEEKS, MMONTHS,

Life is simple the face is simple , acne is simple ,,

So let me tell u how i got rid of the acne ...

Acne is formed by oil . Lol if u just remove the oil all the time gently , the acne will disappear

THATS IT, ITS THAT SIMPLE , its so simple thats why u dont think about it , ur made to believe its such a hard process ,


LISTEN THIS IS WHAT U HAVE TO DO, """"" GET SOME COTTON"""" wipe ur face very gently , dont go over the pimples, but go around the pimples, 5 times a day ...

Another main reason why ur face looks all chewed up, is because of stress, Ur always thinking about ur acne, acne this , acne that clear face this , clear face that, RELAX, JUST RELAX,

Dont make this a big deal, its so simple , its too simple , there is nothing simpler than acne ...

To have a relaxed face,(IM NOT TALKING ABOUT ACNE) Drink more water, appreciate ur body , eat vegetables, take PRIMPROSE evening oil , and FISH OIL , eat beans, lentils ,peas, carrots, NUTS , MILK, YOGURT, ........ (this is for a relaxed face)

For acne , wipe the face with cotton , thats it ,



just do it ,

you will all not follow this , I bet non of u will , some will try it for 1 week and give up...

, GO ahead continue wasting ur money , this is ur life.

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As this has nothing to do with the Acne.org regimen, I'm moving it to oily skin issues forum. I suggest you do a bit more research about the major contributing factors of acne. Sebum alone is not the most important.

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It's more of the FDA than anything. Anything that has to do with the "Government" is more likely corrupt on some level. Though, i wouldn't include all Derms or Doctors for that matter; Many are down to earth and really caring people. They can't help sometimes what they have been taught through medical school or what the government laws are on a paticular subject of medicine.

But I definetly think we take to much medication in this country and alot of it is just poison, in a smaller vile form of a pill etc.. IF you look at today: we're more Fatter, Unhealthier, Impatient, Uncaring, Less Tolerant (Of other people) etc.. All has to do with Lifestyle and what we value. Especially, in the last 20 years that has changed greatley. I know forcertain, if I would of taken care of my acne earlier, right when I first started developing acne and started to detoxify my body through diet, excercise, drinking plenty of water, dealing with the things that bothered me instead of holding it inside for long periods of time(stress) etc.. I definetly would be less likely to be takeing acne medication.

Three elements are important when fighting acne: Prevention (Education), Patience, Being Proactive(taking direct action, not neglecting/procrastinating).

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lol it's like some conspiracy theory!

There's already accutane to reduce oil formation.. but I don't think that works for everyone. Everyone's body reacts differently.

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Too long, didn't read version:

"Humans are awesome. Doctors who study skin for decades are idiots. Wipe cotton on your face gently to remove excess oil, and acne will go away."

Also, please don't butcher the English language so brutally.

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For any new members who may read this post:

This is not a reliable cure. Sebum alone does not form acne. Dead skin cells that clog pores, raging hormones and family genetics are the main culprits behind acne. While I do agree that dermatologists would rather have their patients keep returning for treatment, the cotton ball technique is absurd. My friend, how do you explain people who have oily faces and no acne? Or people who have dry faces with acne? The truth is, no one knows how to cure acne because no one knows how acne is even formed. If we did, we would be able to find a cure.

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What a load of old fart


Some people are actually illergic to skin product - illergic to foods they are eating and thus they come out in spots !

I can almost guarantee the person who wrote this post DOES NOT EVEN HAVE ACNE and DOES NOT UNDERSTAND the psychological effects of it - THAT IS WHY PEOPLE SPEND MONEY ON THE TREATMENTS to get rid of it !

everyones skin is different so you cannot say you have the cure

everyones cure is different !


grrr :naughty:

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When you put up a business, you want people to be satisfied with what you're offering, so they could refer you to others, that's how the medical referral works. (Not just the same person coming back everytime. So you strive to make your business good. Acne has so many factors, it's not just the oil that you wipe out of your face. Your solution will not work well for others.

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Honey, if clearing acne was as simple as using a cotton pad and cleansing your face regularly. I think there wouldn't even be a NEED for this problem.

I agree, that it's mindboggling how we've come so far, technologically, but we can't even solve a 'simple' skin dilemma. However, if you think about it, if someone were to create a 99% successful remedy that actually worked then they'd make bazillions. Proactiv does not count.

Crap skin sucks, and it takes more than just cleansing to get rid of the problem.

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OP is on the right track, except he forgot about the very important (perhaps as important as sebum in the formation of acne) matter of keratinization. If you couple removing surface sebum with manual exfoliation of dead skin cells then you won't get acne.

This, along with a good diet and lifestyle, is all you really need to do to keep your acne in check: wash your face in the morning and before bed with warm water and a mild soap; every other day, preferably at night, after washing with soap and warm water, dry your face and, manually, with your fingers, exfoliate your facial skin and get all those dead skin cells off and rinse with warm water and then go to sleep.

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