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In all honesty, I think red marks are 1000x more terrible then acne.

When I was fourteen I might have six or seven pimples on my face at a time,

but it never bothered me. But later in my fourteenth year when I randomly

started getting red spots on my face, it was too much for me to handle. For

the past two years I have gotten random red spots on my skin, that have

nothing to do with acne. I never know when they will appear, and I don't

really know what they are from. I just randomly get them. So of course

it scares me to death because there is no explanation for these spots because

they are not from acne, so obviously they are not scars. The only thing I know

is that once I get one of these spots it can take about a year to fade, which is

forever in my opinion. When I put on makeup I can almost virtually disguise

any skin problem I have, but I am so sick of doing that. I want to be able to

go out naturally, but obviously I can't. I am just so fusterated because not

one person has a skin problem quite like mine. I have no one to relate to...

It just sucks because even though a lot of people tell me I am beautiful

and confident, I have NEVER felt that way. I just feel ugly and terrible

all the time. I just wish I knew what was wrong with me.

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I have a lot of red marks left from my moderate-severe acne. My doctor kept saying it'll go away in 3 months, but it's almost 3 months and the only good thing that happened is that the scars did lighten by a bit. Though after he said that, I was sure mine wouldn't go away in 3 months coz my skin scars badly. I'm pale.. so my red marks show up very clearly. I'm tired of putting make up whenever I go out as well. I feel horrible that I disguise my skin problem, but I can't be confident enough to go out w/o concealing my scars. The surface of my skin is flat now and smooth but the redness of the scars are still there. Now that i am going to dorm in college.. I'm scared on how to handle my situation.. I can't hide my face anymore.. so idk what to do..

Somehow, I can relate to your sentiments, but all we can do is wait for those scars to disappear. Everytime I ask my doctor about my scars.. that's all he says.. Have you tried seeing a doctor to ask regarding your situation? It might help coz at least you know what's wrong..

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yeah, waiting is the main thing.

there are things to speed it along like chemical peels (which I've done four of.)

with peels though you have to be patient, because things get a lot worse before

they get better. I know that we will be able to make it through this stuff, even

if it is tough right now.

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I think flat red marks are easier to cover than acne, which stands out because its not flat(ever when covered with makeup) But I know how you feel because I have alot of red marks that im trying to get rid of!

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