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I forgot to wash my face for one night....Is that enough to let my acne come back?! HELP I'M FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!

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The title says it all. For the last 5 months I have washed my face evernight with Cerave cleanser, and then applied Benzaclin, followed by a moisturizer. Then in the morning I wash my face with Neutrogena Rapid Clear Oil Control Foaming Cleanser and apply moisturizer.

I HAVE NEEEEEEEEEEEEEVER MISSED. :clap: My face is like 99.999% clear and I only get zits occasionally (knock on wood).

But last night....I accidently fell asleep....and this morning I woke up 9 hrs later and freaked out! I left my contacts in, too :(:boohoo:

MY QUESTION IS...IS ONE NIGHT W/O ANTIBIOTICS ENOUGH FOR MY ACNE TO COME BACK, OR THE BACTERIA TO BECOME IMMUNE?! I immeaditly went and washed and applied my meds, then washed again an hour later to wash the Benzaclin off cuz it will bleach my work clothes.


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Chill. You can miss a day. I've missed up to four days on an antibiotic and nothing happened.
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