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Went from severe-cystic to 100% clear for over 3 years

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Hey everyone. I don't post much at all anymore as I don't have acne. I hope one day all of you will be able to let go of this forum as I have and start enjoying your life.

It has been over 3 years and I am completely clear. I get the odd pimple every so often but nothing like my cysts. My face wasn't even visible. This is basically an accutane success story.

I started getting acne in grade 9 and it got REALLY bad as the years moved on. I became antisocial throughout all of highschool. I started with standard washing to BP+cleansers, to topical antibiotics, retinols, oral antibiotics... my acne just progressed worse and worse. Finally I went on accutane. They put me on a higher than normal dosage but only for 4 months (apparently they can do that lol).

That was at the start of grade 12. By the end all that was left were the scars... my face looked like a battlefield. It has gotten much better now and people have even commented on my skin... which makes me feel great!

For those accutane doubters... you will NEVER find a drug that can cure chronic illnesses like accutane can. The success rate is high and the risk is lower than you think.I feel Accutane doesn't cause depression... having acne for years and realizing accutane isn't working (which for some it doesnt) makes people depressed. That being said, there might be some biochemical reason for depression when on accutane but I don't see the science articles.

Think about it... is there a drug out there that can CURE heart disease? Diabetes? Alzheimers? Of course, these conditions are quite complex but they are still chronic illnesses, as is acne.

I wish I went on accutane earlier... I feel like as if I lost 3 years of my teenage life. I don't regret any of it now that I am here as I wouldn't be the person I am today (and I think im pretty awesome ;)). So best of luck to you all! I hope you make the right decision.

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Thanks alot for the motivation :D ! The majority of the posts commenting on the massively debilitating side-effects and the fact that you get an acne free period for like 3 months was kind of disheartening. Especially cause how annoying some of the side-effects are and how long i have to stay on accutane for. It's really good to know that the benefits can last for a long period of time (I think that the lack of posts like yours is contributable to the fact that, most of the people that used to post and stay 100% clear never look back).

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