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No @#$% Works

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Whenever I stop/start something/ cut off something from my diet my hopes are so high that it will work this time.. and in a week's time my hopes are shattered and I am depressed again.. @#$%, I wish I never had to think abt and stare at my face in the mirror again..

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Morning - I use Basis Soap for cleansing then Neutrogena Oil free Moisturiser

Night Neutrogena Cleaser - Normal to Oily Skin

and Retino - A after 20 mins of cleansing

Also Hot and cold wash


GNC Mega man - after meals in the noon and night

2 cloves of Garlic in the night (since 1 .5 weeks)

Lots of water (with lemon when at home)

Stopped - Milk, Breakfast bars. protein shakes a month ago

My acne was mild cystic before 2 months then I used Proactive for 2 weeks and the condition became worst, stopped proactive and went back to Retino-A..

Now My skin is extremely dry after the washing even with Basis, May be I am using too much of Retino-A.

I am planning to stop Retino-A and continue only with Cleansing and moisturiser, Is it a bad idea?. I dont know what to do.. afraid to try anything for the fear of getting worst

Thanks for any help

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Hmm, this is what I think you should do. Use Cetaphil cleanser, Dan's BP Gel, and Cetaphil Moisturizer. Try it..and stick with it.

Have you thought about doing a Master Cleanse? I highly recommend it.

Oh, and DON'T use Proactiv. That stuff will make your skin worse.

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By retino-A do you mean retin-A? If so, if your skin is dry you might be using too much, which can actually make your acne worse by causing irritation. Retin-A works best in small quantities. Squirt some on your finger no bigger than the size of the average pea, and dab it on your cheeks, forehead, and chin. Then rub it around very gently so that it is spread super thin. After 2 weeks your skin should be normalized. Also, what kind of retin-A do you use? the gel is better than the cream, it is faaaar less irritating!


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It says Retino-A on the tube, active ingredient is Tretinoin, Same as Retin-A I guess, I am using the cream.

Thanks Guys for the suggestions, I will give Retin-A one more shot with very less quantity.

One more question, Sometimes I feel, my face is clean and no irritaion, but other days like today, I feel like very oily and scratching my face at few places, Is it because of the Neutrogena Oil free moisturiser?, Does any one has the same eperience, May be it's time to switch over to Cetaphil Moisturiser!!!

Which ones do u suggest Cetaphil Lotion Moisturizing or Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream?


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