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Florida Sun + Regimen = ?

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i am going to Florida for winter break next week..and as you know i will not be able to avoid the sun..now i know im supposed to avoid the sun on the regimen because BP sensitizes your skin to the sun or whatever (and because too much sun exposure is bad for your skin anyway)..so what should i do? should i not use BP while i'm there? i heard that good weather does good things for skin anyway..and i remember returning from a trip to florida one year and my skin was pretty good..also which moisturizer would be the best to use when im there? would the moisturizer be enough sun protection? or would i need to use another sun lotion? how much of the sun would i be able to take? im not talking about laying on the beach and tanning but like would i be able to walk around without having to worry about covering my face? please help..feedback appreciated..thanks

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you should use lotions and sunscreen and whatever and use a lot of sun block and just try to stay out of the direct sun when you can

but ya i went to florida a while ago and it really was good for my skin

i dont know much about acne but i know my derm told me to definetly use a lot of sun block

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Haha There is no sun here ... Its been raining and storming all days long..But I heard that we might might might have some sun finally next week...But believe me, its not to the point where you should worry dude...Trust me :wink:

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Its cold here in Gainesville.. we may have a sunny day twice a week.. Florida is off and on weather.. its not the Tropical Paradise its supposed to be in the winter.. Believe me.. Fucking Cold.. So dont sweat it.. use spf15 and enjoy yourself

just dont lay out in the sun.. keep moving..

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Wear a hat! I wear 15spf everyday (Clean and Clear) and a hat when I know I am going to be exposed for long periods. I'm pretty fair and this does the trick. Buy one you really like!


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thanks for the replies guys..

errydaystruggle..by sunblock you mean actual sun lotions like bananaboat or something right? the moisturizers in the regimen aren't enough?

bobo and tayrayuf- what about boca raton and the keys?

and what about the regimen? so i should stick to it normally?

dan..you have any thoughts on this?


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Yeah down in the keys and south florida its getting hotter...Florida just started warming up so I would wear sun block for sure if your gonna be outside...The weather here should clear ur face up a lil though...Have fun

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