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Thinking about not washing til acne calms down

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Well i am only on day 5 of tane, i was 2 months in on antibiotic+ retina regimen so my skin is very thin and all the comedones are just raised and resting on the surface...the antibiotic's effects have worn away from me about 2 days ago and i am already breaking out like crazy! The only thing i can imagine is just not washing and going on the caveman regimen til my skin thickens or something..because it worked before while not on tane cus i tried the caveman regimen...Has anyone else not washed while on tane? is this a bad/good idea?? Help is appreciated.

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i haven't washed my face except with water since i started. i had a rough exfoliating soap i used before accutane and i didn't wanna use it when i started so i just stopped. kept meaning to get something else that was more gentle but i kept forgetting or was just too tired after work.

i do use a moisturizer with salicylic acid in it but that is all i am putting on my face and so far my results have been great. have a few that i got right when i started that are still healing up but other than that i am happy with my results for not being on for too long.

i would say if you skin doesn't feel oily (mine didn't feel oily at all after just a few days) try it. if it is still oily, might wanna keep up washing it at least every other day or something.

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My derm recomended just washing with a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil, which I do everyday.

Along with Moisterizing with Cetaphil moisturizer.

You could try that, But if this is your first 5 days, you might get that Inital Breakout. I got it bad.

Good luck though!

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I think i am entering the initial breakout because my lips have started to dry now and my face is peeling a little bit...face isnt totally dry yet though...thanks for the tips i used cetaphil tonite before bed.

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