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Blackhead treatment suggestion?

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Hi my blackhead on my nose is pretty bad. I was wondering if theres a good product for the face that helps with acne/red mark/scarring as well blackhead? I attached a picture of my nose haha. I used the blackhead strips a few times (6) and thats what I got which is still not that good in my opinion. I'm a broke college student so I can't afford any fancy hundreds of $$ treatments.. nor do I have time to do long treatments treatments everyday.. =(

Appreciate any suggestions.

Note, in the picture, those dots are normally blackish lol, the flash was too bright and made it look tan



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mine look just like that, except the skin on mine iss all scarred and shit. if you keep squeezing youll get scarred porres, or joined pores, where the pores join together.. its not nice

I don't know of anything that will help, no topical i have tried works.

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yup same problem here.... I tried the strips also several times... but they dont help at all like you noticed already......

Im getting sick of it, there also arround my nose area and on my forehead (really small). I think I will go to a specialist who will remove them (just for 1 time) and see if it works... I suggest you do the same, even if you dont have lots of cash (im almost broke).

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