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my expereince on acne.org products and holistic therapy

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im writting this to share my story with everyone and to thank acne.org in helping me defeat my acne problem. i will try to make it short.

i started to have acne when i was 19 in 2004. it was moderate and i got it under control with acne.org 2.5% BP in about 6 months. the red marks faded completely in the next 6 months. however, due to unkown reason, (some say if u use BP to treat ur acne u will likely to develop scars, but im not sure) i have scars resulting from acne, but it didnt bother me too much. over

the years i have been applying 2.5% BP daily, and i must give credit to it, because i think it kept my acne at bay.

in 2009 when i was 24, my moderate acne came back, i didnt no what to do and went to a derm, who prescribed me minocycline 100mg (some say its the least powerful form of acne fighting antibiotics). it was effective i must say. within 2 months my moderate acne was gone, leaving red marks and scars as always. this time i wanted to get rid of the red marks/scars forever so i went to a laser specialist to have non-ablative laser resurfacing done. It cost me a lot of money, and i must say that it was a mistake. after the treatment, old scars seem to fade a lot, but within 2 weeks i began to get massive breakout, my acne was more severe than ever before. later i found out that non-ablative laser resurfacing has the possibility of making acne-prone people break out. i regret not doing enough research before having the procedure done.

Because i spent all my money on the laser procedure, i couldnt afford any expensive treatment anymore. i started looking into the 'holistic/natural treatment' section of acne.org. after reading many posts, i started adjusting my lifestyle, which includes getting enough sleep everyday, eating more healthier, and getting enough exercise, and started supplementing my diet with multivitamins, zinc, and omega3 fish concentrate. it sounded very simple but prior to the adjustment, i had none of those in my lifestyle believe or not. it took a good 3 months for my laser-resuracing induced acne to subdue completely, and i must give credit to the holistic treatment mentioned above, it worked very well.

now i'm using aloe vera and acne.org's AHA+ to treat red marks/scars. they are working very well too. it has been 2 month now and my redmarks/scars have faded considerably, and i estimate that at this pace, it will take another 6 months or so of continuous use of AHA/aloe vera for the red marks to fade 90%.

That was my story, thank you acne.org for helping me fight my acne, without the community and all the people contributions, i would never, never come to this stage today. i would be lost.

sorry for bad english im not native speaker, and good luck to you all!!

p.s. im posting this under the holistic section because i think it helped me the most.....

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