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I dont have much time to write a lengthy story of before and after. I could go on about how it all happened, affected me, used to be king of school, etc.

But this will be just a shortish summary of what you can expect in your months on accutane. For new users especially should read this. I'm a guy, 17 years old, Midwest. Had since 13 years, real bad for last 2, skin and everything.

After stopping Monocycline my Depression/anxiety lowered SO MUCH. If anything Accutane made me happier cuz I knew It'd work, wasn't some gamble.

Failed: Proactive, any mask, aspirin mask, calcium, zinc, DIET (gluten free, anything really), Neutrogena, Oxy, any topical treatment, Acne Free in 3 days (BULL SHIT), Minocyclin, Trycyclin, Tretinoin, a lot more...

Good Success': Swimming/Sun, Electric Razor, Urine on Face(IK but it works)

Complete Success: ACCUTANE

Month 1, 40MG: Let's just say I went throughout the whole month convincing myself "it wasnt that bad" and it was kinda bad. First 2 weeks I didn't get an IB but It did get worse, slowly throughout the first 2 weeks. By the end of 3 weeks I was already looking better, my red marks had magically faded a bit (something I've been waiting for for soooo long), and I just had a lotta picked acne. My face seemed pale but not too bad. So a 10% improvement overall by the end.

Side Effects:- Dry itchy scalp, dryer hair, dry hands/arms.

Month 2, 40MG: Right away my skin tone started looking Great. My Redmarks faded even MORE. My Marks were unnoticable in most lightings (makes a huge difference). My acne was really up and down. One day I was almost all the way clear, the next day I had a bunch of new smaller stuff. I'll leave it at that. By the end of the month. 60% Improvement overall.

Side Effects:Chapped Lips, fatigue, back pains

Month 3, 60MG: This month was smooth. I was still upset cuz I was getting anxious to get fully clear, which just wouldnt happen. It was really inconvienent that I could never get fully clear but so close. I was happy overall. Anxiety wasn't a huge problem any more(always was so anxious/paranoid with acne around ppl). By the end of this month my redmarks are almost COMPLETELY Gone, which is HUGE for me since I had more redmarks than acne/scabs/bloodies. I don't remember it all, but I know that this month was real smooth. I never had a big problem with pimples this month. It all stayed sorta mild/moderate (mod cuz dealing with past stuff). Rarely got new stuff this month, all was old. One of the biggest things, is that I feel safe eating anything I want, except still paranoid about soda. Skin tone is just like perfect now, IT MATCHES MY NECK! Overall improvement by end 85%

Side Effects:Chapppped Lips, Join Pains, Fatigue, random rash scabs on arms/hands sometimes.

Month 4, 60MG: Continuing from month 3. Would RARELY get a new pimple. Just dealing with the pimples that I picked during the treatment. Nothing is too noticable accept I'd get about 1-2 new pimples a week. But not bad pimples, just some small ones prolly from shaving. Everything is just like perfect, It hasn't really hit me yet, to how much I've improved. If I had time I'd explain it better, but It's just amazing how much I've improved. U can only notice any imperfections from up close. Talking distance is almost perfect. Tone=perfect, acne=near perfect, redmarks=almost completely faded, anxiety=almost gone, depression=none. 95% Improvement!!. (btw I'm still 8 days away from finishing this month)

Side Effects:Chapped Lips, fatigue, thirsty.

*Key Tools: Carmex(fixes chapped lips), Moisterizer(didn't need for face, but for hands).

This has truly been a miracle Drug. I can't say enough good things about it, and I'm not even finished yet. I recommend this to anything who is bothered by their acne (unless its mild). I barely noticed the side effects except chapped lips. The first month may be harsh, and the 2nd wont be a miracle month, BUT. STICK WITH IT!! Understand that this is the last 1 month of you having bad acne. 2nd month will be the last month most likely of you having to worry hardcore about your acne. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP, it will eventually work!!! (worked in 4 months for me, 3 months for 2 of my family friends).

-btw If you're wondering about sun. I'm on my 4th month, and I lay out in the sun often. I go swimming with my friends as well. I even have a little tan right now.

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I like the concise manner of your description. Did you have bacne? If so, how did the course affect your bacne, if you don't mind me asking?

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