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Clip on hair extensions?

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Does anyone have any experience with extensions? The reason I ask is because I just got a fugly haircut. :cry: It will take atleast 2 months for it to look decent, but school starts in 3 weeks, so I really need a quick fix. :| How much are they? I was thinking of buying them online. Is there a certain brand I should look into? Does it look natural? Has anyone ever asked you..."Why do you have extensions in your hair? :eh:" :lol:

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I am a hair extension expert. To begin with, i recomend getting real human hair extensions, theyre slightly more expensive, however theyre definately worth the extra cost. Synthetic hair is easy to spot from a mile off, its often the wrong colour, has a shiny fake appearance and doesnt fall like natural hair does. Also, synthetic hair cant be styled, straighteners and blow dryers will damage it, it also cant be coloured to match your natural hair. The main places i use to buy my extensions, is ebay (just type in human hair extensions and the colour of your hair) or


I prefer to get from the second link as you can be sure that the hair is real, with ebay, its hard to tell if people are advertising the hair as real when its not. With the second link simply choose your colour. For a full head of hair extensions i reccomend getting at least 4 of these, as they are quite thin, it will look awful if you have too little.

For advice on how to put the extensions in, visit youtube.com and type in clip in hair extensions, there are quite a few tutorials on there. The main things are making sure your natural hair covers the clips and that the extensions are thick enough (why you need 4 packs). You also need to be sure that the colour matches well. If you colour your hair, simply colour your hair and the extensions using the same dye for a good match. If you dont, choose the closest colour extensions to your hair you can find, if theyre the wrong colour they can be dyed to match (the beauty of real hair extensions) Finally, make sure the extensions arent too long, if you have short hair, and stick in a bunch of long extensions, it will look completely fake. Its good to order longer extensions, and then cut them to suit your hair length. You can get your hairdresser to do this if youre worried.

Oh and PLEASE make sure you only put them in when you need to, and always remove them at night. People that wear clip ins constantly will experience bald patches, due to the clips rubbing and pulling on their natural hair.

Follow these steps and people wont ask 'Why do you have extensions in your hair' they will just think your hairs grown quick over the summer hols.

Oh, and before you buy, be 100% sure, normally the difference between a good and a bad hair cut is a couple of weeks. You may prefer your new haircut once this time has passed and its grown a little bit. :)

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Hey...:D i know what u mean...i also got an ugly haircut some months ago...hopefully my hair grows fast and now it a bit below shoulders...but i always had long hair...so i bought clip ins...my hair is a weird color...lol...brownish-blond with very light shades in it and a bit of red also XD but i found a perfect color match for my hair.whew...:D and yep,they look pretty natural.on me they need to be puted really carefully coz my hair is not dense and i dont want them to be seen...but on normal hair they look wonderful,even on me they look good.so id say go for it.as about the brand,use natural ones...u can style them(usually i make slight waves to blend naturally my hair with the extensions).wish u the best :)

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I've actually used them before. I got them off ebay and most people just thought that my hair grew really quickly over the summer. (Most of the people in my classes were guys so they didn't have a clue. The only person that knew was my friend --she was like "I know you hair didn't grow that quickly over the summer!!" lol :P )

:dance: I think they're fun.

If I could afford it, I'd get professional ones.

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