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now im starting to gett annoyed

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i've had acne since like 5th grade, but until 8th-9th grade it was just a few spots at once then it got a little worse so i started using a face wash, everything was going fine until december 26, 2008 i had been using cetaphil and clindomycin since the end of the summer but i decided to try something new i got the severe acne free thing in novemberish and used it twice a day 7 days a week and then on dec 26 i woke up with a big white spot, ive had a lot of white heads before and i can tell you that this was not one of them im pretty sure it was a cyst, and it began to hurt and i left it but then after a few days it hurt and itched so i popped it BIG MISTAKE :wall: IT SPREAD and then i went to michigan for a week( i live in North Carolina) and my face became al red and inflamed with cysts occuring all the time, i tried so many differnt thing and eventuall ygave up i just stopped washing my face because i was quite frankly pissed off i also had to cut out all dairy, fried food, and high sugar foods from my diet( which is really hard when you live in the south and go out to eat everyday for luch. But i did it and my acne is sort of cleared up, BUT my skin is still red and i hate it. And then yesterday i got like 5 cysts and i dont want to be seen in public, so i havnt left the house much and i can always tell people are staring at the spots, i dont blame them because frankly its quite obvious and hard not to look at :( and dont even get me started on my back i have spots all over my back and dont want anyone to see them.

if anyone can help i would greatly appriciate it

( im not sure if this helps but i was born in England and lived there for 8 years then i moved to michigan for 6 years then North Carolina for 3 so far

i always wonder why me i have had the worst acne i have ever seen( in person) and my brothers havent even come close to what i have had! :(

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You must take accutane if you wish for your acne to ever improve.

Read these forums thoroughly for the advice that you need.

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