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PDT Therapy w/ Levulan and laser

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I am a 37 year old female who had PDT therapy with Levulan ansd laser on July 7, 2009. My experience was a little different from the previous posts. My doc called it a 4 prong approach. She used a cool laser first, then she applied the Levulan and I sat in a room for 2hrs. while it incubated. After, I went to the blue light for 9-10 min. I of course, went home covered completely and hid from light for 48hrs. I had all the usual symptoms but I also got something called erythema....little rash bumps all over neck and chest and some on the sides of the forehead. Did not like this at all, I had to use hydrocortisone to help clear it up. Ok, here is my complaint, it has been 2 weeks and 3 days since treatment and I am having more acne than I ever had on my face and neck. It was never this bad ever! I'm trying to research online to try to find anything explaining that this happens, but I cannot find anything other than it saying it clears acne not worsens it. Can someone tell me if this is normal? Or did I just spend $2000.00 for a procedure that made my acne worse.!

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Oh no....I'm getting PDT on Thursday. I really hope it doesn't have that effect on me. Maybe you were having an allergic reaction to it during the treatment and it's taking much longer for the acne to come up? I'm very sorry, I hope you find something that works. Although $2,000 is very steep for one treatment of PDT....

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