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Dozens of tiny bumps around mouth that take weeks to turn into painful bumps and then pop?

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I am pretty sure my diet is healthy, I get a decent amount of sleep, tried ACV, tried BP, I've tried antibiotics (topical and pills), I've tried differin, I've tried an electric shaver. I'm out of options. Every time I look in the mirror, there are dozens more of these TINY little bumps all around my chin/jaw/cheeks area. If I stick my tongue out in my mouth to flex the skin, they become much more visible. Forehead and nose are completely clear.

The terrible thing is that these stay on for weeks until they eventual develop into big painful pus-filled bumps (gross, I know). When I pop them, the pus seems to be deep in the skin as I usually have to squeeze really hard (I KNOW, IM NOT SUPPOSED TO!) to get everything out.

So I keep thinking I might be getting better and then I see more of these little things coming in and I know I'm screwed for a month. My skin is not at all too oily or anything like that.

There's no correlation to anything, they are constant no matter what I do or change. It's been this way for nearly a year now. I'm 20 years old, but a REALLY late bloomer in terms of puberty (like at least 3 years late). Now i'm normal, like 6'1 and voice changed and all...

Does anyone have any ideas what the hell this is? I feel like there must be some sort of specific treatment for acne like this, since it's so odd. Thanks so much!! :D

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holy crap, this is exactly what i have. especially relate to the pushing the skin from inside the mouth with the tongue thing and seeing them bigger, and i also only get these along my jawline/mouth. its interesting that you also don't get acne on your forehead or nose, i have the same thing, however my forehead and nose are the only parts of my face that are oily at the end of the day.

but anyway, i was curious about these little bumps, and i did some research; i think they're called "papules". its like a mix of dead skin cells, sebum, and white blood cells in them. i couldn't find any regular treatment for them, other than exfoliating the skin. mine are so small that they are really hard to squeeze, and mine don't really every inflame into larger bumps.

so to summarize: try exfoliating, cuz i haven't heard of any better treatment, topical or otherwise to treat this type of acne.

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thanks so much for the reply! weird to see another person with a similar issue! do you use any specific products to exfoliate?? and any techniques? never done it before

thanks !

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well i'm not sure if it's technically "exfoliating", but what i do i use a facial scrub that feels like it has grains of sand it it, so its kind of a rough facial scrub. the product i use is called zyporex or something like that, but also Clean & Clear Daily Pore cleanser has the same feel. i'm not sure how much exfoliating helps, cuz honestly it really isnt doing much for these papules, but one thing you DEFINITELY do not want to do is take a rough cloth and rub it on your face to wash/exfoliated. when i tried this to try to scrub away the bumps, it just inflamed that whole side of my face (which lasted for about a month). yeah so, only gently exfoliate with a facial scrub.

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