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Banana face

I would LOVE to have the skin I used to complain about!!

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My skin has gotten so much worser than ever and I would love to have the skin I used to complain about!! :*( & to make things worse I ate eggs this week because I didn't think they effected me like last year and now I have 3 pimples that actually look like HUGE boils and they hurt! My skin is all red and my neck and cheeks have a weird bumpyness (never had that!).& I have gotten soo many scars in the last few weeks aswell. I am sooooooo dumb and feel so depressed and miserable ..acne has never made me so low! I was really looking forward to this weekend and was going on a class trip next week which was going to be mint but now I feel like I can't go out in public!!! Sorry this is such a boo hoo, poor me post but feels good to vent and would be good to hear/talk to others feeling like me right now :/

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Hey, let me start out and let ya know that many one here are in the exact same boat your in or have had this similar experience before. Generally, most of the posts on here become poor is me or someone help me (i can't take it anymore) in nature. So, don't feel guilty about posting things of this element.

Sometimes we like to forecast doom in your lives due to our past experiences and we end up making it a bigger issue than it actually is/will be. Sometimes we become so self-conscious of our selves thinking: That people actually notice our difference or are constantly in discussion about whats on our face, when it all actuality we're just so paranoid due to being to self-conscious.

Sure, they may notice when you first get on the bus and it may be alittle eye opening at first but soon people will be so engorged in their own conversations/agendas, that it'll be something of the past pretty quickly. Sometimes we make acne such a big problem/have such an extreme reaction in our lives, that people begin to form their opinions/phobias about acne. Then, we just play in our heads over and over and over again.

If we'd just change our attitude about acne (Let alone our personal reaction/attitude towards us having acne) People will change theirs. It's kind of like that ole saying "If you want people to change, you need to first change".. Which it's hard in our culture of today, because its always the other persons fault/they need to change first type of mentality.

To be honest, if people make fun of you.....Forget them!! Their just as insecure and probably need to "Puff" themselves up or need validation from other people to make them feel special. It'll give you an idea realy quick whos worth your time and who isn't. DOn't throw just as much hostility in their direction, just ignore it and smile..

Its pretty much your choice whether you decide to go or not but just remember alot of times we make the outcome of something, worser than what it really would turn out to be, if we didn't let our present time circumstances influence us so much. I would encourage you to atleast consider it, who knows you could be missing a life-changing event!

Remember this saying "If everyone threw all their problems in a pond, and we began to just see all what the people around us we're really dealing with: then we'd quickly retreive our back!" Ahaha, I know i'm mediating on that myself and wondering "what are people possibly dealing with that would leave the fact I have acne in the dust"??!!

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