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Starting the Acne.org regimen. A few questions.

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Hallo everyone :redface:

I've finally decided to fork over the cash ($20 bucks to Canada, oi vey) and give the regimen a try.

I have moderate - severe acne... I get little bumps, but most of my acne starts as tiny white bumps under the skin that turn into big inflamed pimples. I also get the usual pimples that appear out of nowhere and are big, painful and leave redmarks.

With that bit of info out of the way.. I have some questions:

1. Right now I have my regimen planned out to be like this:

Morning: Dan's Cleanser - Dan's BP - Dan's Moisturizer

Evening: Dan's Cleanser - Dan's BP - Dan's AHA+ or SA+ (I'm going to alternate each evening. I'm hoping the SA+ will help with the little white bumps and red marks, and the AHA+ with red marks. The red marks are the worst part of my face. :( )

How does this regimen look? Is alternating the AHA and SA a bad idea? Think I'll get too dry? I have jojoba if needed.

2. I'm a bit of a germaphobe. I feel like my face is "dirty" even after I've cleansed.. and it has nothing to do with the cleanser. While I'm applying medication/moisturizer.. I'll wash my fingers after each part of my face. For example I'll massage gently my cheeks first.. the jawline last... then I'll run my fingers under water. I do this between cheeks, then after chin/nose, and then forehead. Generally any time I touch hair (chin/side burns/hairline - everything except eyebrows) I feel as if my fingers have become oily/dirty.

Is this normal? My routine each day and night seems to take SOO long, and now that I'll do doing BP.. then 15 mins later moisturizer, it'll take TWICE as long!

3. Most of my pimples tend to come to head rather quickly.. and they pop very easily. Even from gentle massaging while cleansing or apply moisturizer. (If while applying moisturizer/medication, I feel as if it's the end of the world, because now I have bacteria spreading.. and I can't exactly wash it off...)

What should I do when I'm applying medication/moisturizer and a pimple pops? Better yet.. after I've cleansed my face.. and a pimple was popped in the process, it'll be leaking fluid by the time I'm done. What should I do?! It takes forever to dry with a kleenex, and I need to apply my BP.. but I don't want to spread the bacteria!

4. I run into the same problems with shaving as well. It's so difficult to shave with so many active pimples that easily pop. Do I avoid them or just shave over them? If I do and they pop I'll get very discouraged because I'll feel as if the razor is then spreading the bacteria. (I'll rinse the razor of course.. but still.. I'm a germaphobe >_< )

5. I've always wondered if I'm washing incorrectly. It may sound stupid.. but I'll ask anyway.

- First I'll pour water on my face using a styrofoam cup. About 6 cupfulls each side.. (I don't want to get my hands dirty from the initial layer of dirtyness)

- Next I'll apply some cleanser to each part of my face.. then start massaging gently, first with the lower half then the forehead,sides. I'll run my hands under the water about every 4 seconds.

- After that is where my problems come in. There is still a great deal of cleanser on my face and when I cup water in my hands and splash it at my face I cant really run my hands across my face.. because there's a huge chance I'll pop some pimples, since there's no cleanser to glide my hands. So I end up just splashing water at small areas.. which takes forever.. and I always feel as if I didn't get the cleanser off enough, and I'm over-washing certain areas.

- I then repeat step one with the styrofoam cup to try and get rid of any excess cleanser.

Can anyone give me any advice on what I'm doing right/wrong? My routine takes about.. 30 mins - 45 mins currently, and that's without BP. So with BP that'll be the extra 15 min wait, then 10 mins to apply moisturizer/AHA/SA+.


Sorry for that long post, but any replies would be much appreciated, even if it's just to one question. I'm looking forward to any help, and looking even more forward to my first supplies arriving. :wall:

Thanks in advance! :razz:

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I don't know about the alternating between aha and salicylic, however it is recommended that you wait using the aha until maybe a month in - otherwise it will most likely do more harm than good since you are not yet used to the BP. I believe you can use the salicylic from the get go, but I'm not sure.

With the pimples popping you just have to be gentle, VERY gentle. With some routine it should be quite easy to avoid.

You can cut some time off your regimen simply by not massaging your skin. It is recommended that you spend about 10 seconds top applying the cleanser, and yes your face will be clean even if you just apply it without massaging at all.

A personal advice for that matter would be to, after you've applied the cleanser, get the water running in the sink, get a good temp in it like SLIGHTLY cold and then just lean one side of the face under the steam and move your head around to make sure you get it all washed, then the other side. This way you do not use your hands and I believe this is most gentle way of washing there is. Also, only tap dry your face, but you probably know that. Your cleanser will get off.

If a pimple accidently pops while youre washing, but it really shouldn't if you're gentle enough, simply do not panic. Just remember that you're about to apply a generous amount of treatment which will kill any bacteria that may have spread.

And you really shouldn't be able to pop them while applying BP and moist, then you really aren't gentle enough. But always remember not to panic and not do anything stupid if it happens.

With the shaving I'm pretty sure the best way to do it is just to avoid the pimples since shaving only pimples will with a pretty good chance cause a scar.

Your routine will take long, and that's what you're comitting to with this regimen, but you should be able to cut a little time off atleast.

Hope you can use my advice.

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