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Hi Girls!

Firstly, without making an essay out of it here is a quick run down of my acne/bcp history:

Acne since I was about 14, progressed from mild to moderate about 16-17yo, not long after I turned 17 however it settled down. Still getting inflamed zits at this time, usually 1-2 at a time, and blackheads and such but definately improved.

At 19 I went on Diane 35 for birth control (I actually only told the doc it was for birth control too - he must have taken one look at some of my remaining zits and thought I needed a hand :think: ). For my skin it was wonderful! Weight-wise, I put on a bit in the first few months but after that it levelled out. Unfortunately I also got quite a few mood swings - pretty much pms 24/7.

After a year or so I went off the pill (too busy to make a doc appointment at the time, and thought I'd give my body a break from the pill for 3-6 months). Broke out a bit in the first few months as expected, but eventually my skin settled down to what it have been pre-Dianee 35 (which was disappointing, as I was 20-21 yo at this stage and thought I was 'too old ot still be suffering this!')

6-12 months later I went to the docs for another pill script and he thought that Diane might have been too much for me, and he precribed Levlen (I think its called Alesse in US?). Was on this for 12 months, didnt really do much for my pimples though I was a bit clearer than I was no-bcp.

I've been off the pill for about 6 months now. I have a doctors appointment in 3 days, and while I'm there I plan to go on bcp again. Mostly its for birth control, but I also want to help it clear my skin, which @ 24 is the same as ever :cry:

I know its highly individual as to what works for each person, however as a general guide, I was wondering what others on here think?

Basically, I was thinking about requesting to go back on diane 35, as previously its worked so well. I am prepared to work around the mood swings as much as I can. Does anyone have recommendations about other pills that might work? I'm prepared to give something else a go first, but from what I can read on the net, they all seem to have the same number of pros and cons.

Any advice would be much appreciated :lol:

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