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Was at the derm today for a check-up and asked about the bump near my left eyebrow....Apparently, i have a sebacious cyst hanging around in there. According to my derm, it isn't severe/inflamed and is just kinda there. He said that he could drain it or cut it out, but that would require another appointment.

Anyway, do you guys have any suggestions on home treatments for this guy?

Its not bad and really isn't noticeable unless you go right to the spot and wiggle around you feel the hard spot, I just dont want to make it any worse.


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In the course of about thirty years, I have had four sebaceous cysts, one on my back which was infected, one on my scalp and two on the back of my neck. In each case I eventually had them surgicaly removed, it's no big deal. I have seen home cures on the internet, but I don't know how well they work.

Why are you so hesitant to get the proper medical treatment?

There are two things that are important in excising a sebaceous cyst: 1. that the lining of the cyst is removed, because if it isn't the cells will multiply and guess what: you have a new cyst. There are plenty of amateur cyst removers on YouTube, but they merely open the cyst and cheesy, smelly sebaceous material oozes out, and the cyst will return. 2. There is the issue of scarring. Make sure that you have a competent surgeon (I recommend going to a surgeon or derm and not leave it up to your general practioner) who knows what he or she is doing, and don't overlook the possibility of having plastic surgery later on to minimize any scarring. Again, though, this is a tough call because you may have no problem with a scar.

Right now, it sounds as if your cyst is not too noticeable and is not causing any problems. So maybe you should leave it alone. Eventually, however, these things do tend to get larger and have been known to reach the size of an orange or a tennis ball. Then too, if one becomes infected, things can get nasty. Sooner or later you are going to have to address the issue and that more than likely means competent surgical excision.

Joe Zit

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