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I love everything about it. All the bright colors, textures, how it makes you feel. I have this shelf in my bathroom with a piece of neon orange paper (which matches the duck rugs and pretty sweet orange bath robe) above it that says in big bold letters: MAKE UP : and of course my huge collection of powders, mascara's, eyeshadow, glitter, lip stick/gloss/liner, blush (MY FAVORITE.), eyeliners on the shelf ---like thats not obvious enough. Oh, and right behind that is this awesome oatmeal cookie candle that smells divine... sorry, I tend to go overboard with details. Enough about my bathroom.

When I wake up in the morning and I look at my naked face in the mirror, I cant wait to put on the powder. But this past week, after my make-up has been on for a good five hours, I'll take a peek at myself in the mirror at work and its.. EVERYWHERE. Literally. My skin looks pale white on the side, a huge brown spot around my left eye, which looks like I've been given a black eye. My nose is blood red and my face is so shiny that if I touch it, I feel like I'll flood the place.

All I ever use on my face for coverage for blemishes is powder. I have been using Loreal Bare Naturale Mineral Makeup (shade 458) for the past two years and it is BRILLIANT! It has such great coverage (or it did until last week) and makes your skin feel and look flawless. post-99454-1248405585_thumb.jpg I use a big powder puff to apply it to my face and I used to buy them at wal-mart, but about two months ago they stopped selling them! I cant find them anywhere. And now I'm wondering if thats why the powder looks like its discoloring my skin? I just dont understand.

SO. I went to Wal-Mart. While searching for a powder puff that would satisfy my needs, I caught myself looking at all the girls around me. Everyone of them had make-up on. Which made me think - and I'm pretty sure I've been pale since - What if we didnt have make-up?

I would be embarrassed anywhere I went and would not have a bit of confidence in myself. I could understand if I had a perfectly clear complexion. That would be easy. I think natural beauty is beautiful.. for some, but for girls like me with acne right now, we cant do that stuff. I can barely go swimming without feeling so low about myself.

ANYWHO. My point is... I need a new powder. It took me forever to finally decide on one, but I picked out Almay Nearly Naked Loose Powder in light/medium. I also bought a concealer (which I've NEVER worn) by Almay and its the kind specifically for acne. post-99454-1248405513_thumb.jpg My face is super oily and I saw the liquid foundation FOR oily skin... and that confuses me. Wouldn't a liquid make your face oily? Does anyone know how that helps the oil??

But, I was wondering if anyone uses Almay and if it helps their skin or just if its good make-up. Any suggestions of what I should try that will help my oily skin to become drier and healthier?



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I'm not sure, but I think I've seen L'Oreal Bare Naturale Mineral Makeup at my local Meijer recently. If not, I've at least seen similar products (loose powder with the brush on top) there.

I use that concealer, but my skin is more dry than oily (I got it for the "clear skin" benefits) so I don't know how well it works for that. You might already know this, but the site claims "Infused with meadowsweet to help purify as well as chamomile and aloe to calm irritation and reduce redness". The only thing it says about the oil thing is that it's oil-free. I hope it works out.

I was thinking about getting the Almay pressed powder but the lightest shade they had looked really dark. Thinking about it though, it was really the same color as the neutrogena clear complexion pressed powder I got that ended up being a waste of like 10 dollars.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the luck!

Yeah, they should have the L'Oreal Mineral make-up everywhere... its very common. Most of the time at Wal-Mart it's on sale for like 2 for the price of 1.

Wow, I cant believe the lightest powder looked dark.. but I guess it just depends on your skin tone. I have light skin, but since it's summer time I went with the LIGHT/MEDIUM tint. The powder definitely wasn't cheap ( $11), but I put on the concealer tonight and it seems to have some good coverage so far.

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Ive tried both of those powders but didnt blend well with my complextion

I think we might be on the same page here lol

I loveeee Physicians Formula! I think you should give it worth a try!

usually around 10-15 $ at wal mart =] which is aweesommme


it only comes in 1-4 shades but blends very easily

also comes with its own soft brush

you can apply however much you like just pop the lid off for more powder

its the best coverage!!!

you can also try the eco kind which is a lil lighter tone and extremly dry!


I prefer this over the regular stuff because its buklier, last me longer & i am very white lol

well hope you give this stuff a try you wont regret it!

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