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Something wrong with my T area. Oily and when working out sweat POURS like hell!

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I quit using any moisturizers and cleansers. Just water three times a day.

I have a perfect diet and some supplements (including B5 that I think I'm going to quit), I just eat too many fruits... That's the only imperfect thing about my diet.

My acne: while I was using a cleanser and a moisturizer, I got big pimples and big breakouts (moderate). Now I only get whiteheads on my forehead, nose and lately around my mouth. I have a oily skin, it get's really oily after I do something, like go out and walk. If I work out oil or sweat starts to POUR out my forehead which is kinda weird. I also feel hot in a room where everyone else feels normal, I just normally get those feelings and start sweating like a monkey. What is up with that? I'm almost 20 by the way.

I have kinda given up on diet and supplements. I've been doing a light treatment for a week now which doesn't work either.

I'm thinking about moving to another location because everything that is happening to me is caused by the environment, but I just can't figure it out. Is there really no way to beat it? It's a period on life that should end in 20s I guess, but I want to fight it just don't know how. Accutane is probably next.

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