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Couple questions about Benzamycin

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So, after an annoyingly recent uprising of mild acne, and a few weeks of trying various different products, my skin went from meh to ugh. So, naturally, I went to a doctor. He had prescribed my Benzamycin.

Here's a few question I have:

Do I just wash with warm water? Or should I use anything else? I have a Clean and Clear medicated cleanser.

The product does not dry out my skin, and I feel no burning. Is that normal?

And lastly, it leaves a white, chalky appearance on my face that discourages me from going out. Is there anything I can do to avoid this?


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I've used Benzamycin (5 % benzoyl peroxide and Erythromycin) in the past and have had great success with it. I only stopped using it because my acne built up a resistence to this medication, however, when it was working, it worked almost immediately. While I was on Benzamycin, I used it in combination with an 10% benzoyl peroxide wash. I dont think it made it better or anything but since my acne was getting better, I really didnt want to switch any part of the routine. If you arent experiencing any irritation from using your current cleanser and the Benzamycin then keep using it. To me, I think the Benzamycin is pretty mild but i've read that some people have experienced that irritation.

As far as the chalky part, I know exactly what you are talking about. This was the only reason why I used Benzamycin right before I went to bed. It would be really weird to use the Benzamycin during the AM because it will leave sort of a chalky residue. Hope this helped, Good Luck!

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