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Erbium Fractional Ablative Lasers Reviews?

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Hi everyone

Who here did profractional or starlux 2940?

I wanna see some reviews, thinking of doing palomar starlux 2940. Affraid of side effects :(


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hi there old friend ;-)

i'm actually thinking of getting this laser for my third and final palomar treatment. my dr was talking up the new CO2 treatment and seeing how mild the 1540 is i thought about stepping it up. he said the machine is still new and they are doing trials. he said a lot of people get the shiny skinned look for a few weeks after treatment. hmm. i believe the equivalent of the 2940 would be the new fraxel repair version. i think you are likely to get more dramatic results with this one, but with a lot of risks as well.

how long has it been since your laser treatment? i just had my second starlux 1540 yesterday. it was less painful than last time but maybe it was easier because i knew what to expect. although i think he didn't do a strong enough setting because i just look barely burned and slightly swollen. i asked him to do a high setting but he didn't want to make me bleed - to which i said, isnt that the point? to create damage? grrr..

i also postponed my 3rd treatment (i think i told you he wanted me to do my third only 2 weeks after the second one) for a few months. i spoke with a dr. sinclair from FL (his pictures are in the palomar before after brochure) and he told me it is pointless to do treatments so close together. he said to space them out by months to get optimal collegen production. he also told me he does his settings EXTREMELY high which is why his patients get such dramatic results. he told me he does it on 100 setting where as my dr only did 54 yesterday :(

anyway, i don't think you'll find many reviews on the 2940 because it is fairly new. are you thinking of mixing it in with the 1540 treatments??

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Yes. My next starlux 1540 is on 6 of August, with a new derm.

I'm on day 16 after my first one. I still can see lines in my face, this lines that I can see is some that in day 4, when i used make-up to cover I noted that they were deep, much deepier than rest of my face. In my whole face was used 85mj. So my guess it's that some areas lasers goes deep, don't know why. (it's about 6 lines..).

So in my next session i'm thinking of lower my settings to 60mj or 70mj. If the derm agrees.

Anyway, they're filling up everyday and becoming barely noticeable. But concerns me, you know. But they'll probably go away.

Oh, I'm still pink! some patches a little more.

As about starlux 2940..

Is VERY close to Profractional, Profractional XC has the Coagulation mode which Starlux 2940 has too. The issue with erbium laser different to CO2 (fraxel repair) is that they don't produce coagulation, because they don't heat the skin. So you bleed a little more with erbium ablative lasers.

I'm thinking of doing Starlux 1540 in my cheeks again, and one test area in me forehead with starlux 2940. Because of my college will be a pain in the ass do a laser procedure every month. Starlux 2940 tends to create better results, but like any ablative lasers, with more risk (hypo,hyperpigmentation, scarring). So, with this new derm I'll ask her experience and results with both lasers.

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ZXCV, from everything I can find the 2940 is not in the same ballpark with Repair. I believe the max ablation depth of the 2940 is 750 microns. From what I have heard doctors say the depth of penetration is the most important factor. ie 700 microns = .7mm



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You're right Dudley, I guess Co2 lasers go deepier with less energy.

But you know, more deep, more risky. Some people don't have deep scarring, so every laser has his place.

The lines I've said in my above post are almost completely gone, I would say 95% :dance:

This lines that I mention are my biggest concern with any laser, there's post in realself and other message boards with people telling that they're face became like a stone wall even with Fraxel Re:Store (deep lines everywhere).

I wonder how much old are these people, with senescence everything changes, would like to know if happen with younger people too.

The lack of GOOD blinded articles about fractional lasers makes mad :evil:

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