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Have you seen MTV's True Life: I Have Acne? If not, go to MTV.com and you can watch the full episode for free. At first it was kind of a comfort to see other people struggling with the same issues surrounding their skin but at the end of the episode I actually felt more depressed. Like, that girl, Lily. I can understand why she was hesitant about taking Accutane, but it frustrated me that she would go to any length to get clear skin EXCEPT for trying the drug, even when many dermatologists have recommended it. I was especially frustrated because her career success sort of relies on her physical appearance and she was a pretty kid otherwise. I don't know... And Brandon, the boy on the show. What a sad person! I thought the docs, more specifically that PA doing the laser treatments, were rude and mean to him, although I completely agree with the derm for wanting a psyc consult before offering Accutane. The PA seemed kind of cold and short with him. Again, how frustrating that there was a shortage of mental health professionals in his area and because of that they wouldn't put him on Accutane. I'm sure he would have benefited. :think: Do you have any thoughts on this? I just wanted to comment and encourage others to watch. How did you feel at the end of the episode?

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I enjoyed the episode. I thought the upbeat actress girl on tane was the coolest by far. Not much seemed to phase her and she deserved clear skin. The Brandon kid seemed like he didn't care enough since he was smoking etc. The Lily girl kind of annoyed me with her b*tching and moaning throughout the whole episode, but I couldn't help but understand and feel bad for her too. Overall it was pretty good.

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