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My SUCCESS at Clearing with Niacin and Diet!

nu_wht: Most B-Complexes have a small amount of Niacinamide. I use a 500 mg dose of the inositol version of flush-free niacin.

It's been about a month! I'm still clear. I seem to be having less and less breakouts due to diet, which is great. I feel like a normal person again, rather than being accused of being anorexic due to my ridiculous eating habits. Trying to explain that I was trying to reduce breakouts by avoiding food was like telling people there's going to be a zombie apocalypse or something.

Other effects I've noticed are that I've been having a MUCH easier time falling asleep and staying asleep. I've had bad insomnia my whole life, but that seems to have gone away. My hair and nails are growing really, really fast. My hair grows fast to begin with, but I'm already getting noticeable roots, and I just got my hair cut and colored. I had more digestive problems before as well. All of these effects are pretty good side effects, so I guess there's no issues.

Your skin looks great. Might seem like a weird thing to say, but thank you for posting. I was one of those people that initially believed diet has nothing to do with acne and went on antibiotics that really screwed me up. My health is just getting better now. I noticed that diet definitely makes a difference. It's important that a lot of people post about this stuff because so many are disillusioned into thinking that lifestyle and diet has nothing to do with our image an acne. Most doctors believe its all genetics and the answer to all of our acne problems comes from taking antibiotics and harsh creams.

I do admit i am doing glycolic peels right now, but i think what is helping the most in my case is diet and healthier living. The problem is i think when you have been living unhealthy for so long it takes so time to notice difference by changing your lifestyle. Not enough people realize that. They think that by eating well for a week all of their acne will disappear and they will feel like superman. It takes a long time to fix health.

I wanted to ask you one question though. I already asked some people about this, but most stated no. Did you have any other problems with antibiotics? I was on mynocicline for 5 months and i definitely think it did some damage to my liver. The bags under my eyes got five times as big and got really dark, almost black. Only now are they getting better and i have been off the antibiotic for 5 months already.

I went to the doctors and they told me it might be allergies or just naturally sensitive eyes, but i can definitely tell the difference between the colour and that they got a lot worse when i was on mynocicline. I'm still debating whether i should wait more and hope they go back to normal or get bleaching under my eyes. If you had a similar problem maybe you can give me advice, if thats not a problem.

Hey Kenzo,

Did anyone suggest to you that you might have candida after being on antibiotics that long? I have had it for 15 years (only figured it out 3 years ago) and I know it's from several courses of antibiotics I took. The drugs kill the friendly bacteria which keeps candida yeast in check. Without the friendly bacteria, candida can grow rampant and even become systemic. I'm still looking for the right candida cure (tried most everything out there including the strict diet). I just discovered Kolorex (horopito oil) which might be helping. If that doesn't work I am going to try Dr. Whiting's Liquid Oxy Aloe Flush. I always had porcelain clear beautiful skin until about age 32 and that coincides with surgery I had where they pumped me full of antibiotics. Now I have had cystic acnes for 13 years. It's miserable but I do know that with a few of the candida remedies that worked for a short time, my skin cleared so I know my acne is from candida. Candida produces tons of toxins that swirl around in your blood stream and clog the liver. I am going to try niacin too while I find ways to kill off the candida. My advice to you is, don't wait years like I did to figure out you have systemic candida. You might be lucky and it might still just be in your digestive system which is easier to clear with Kolorex.

Good luck!

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I'm sorry if you've mentioned this, I'm too depressed to read... but do you continue to take this once you are clear? *hopefully it works to begin with*

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I'm going to try this...hopefully it works :)

bought the non flush niacin blah blah blah and super b complex at target. crossing my fingers this will work for me as well as did for you!

one question: did this clear up small non inflamed bumps too or only inflamed stuff? even if it doesn't thats fine with me, as I have ways of dealing with the small non inflamed stuff.

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it's been a little over a week (feels like it's been forever!!!) and I haven't seen any improvement yet. to be honest though, my diet has been up and down like crazy and I haven't been exercising reguarly. the only thing I've been good about is getting enough sleep!!

I'm going to try to shape up my diet/exercise and see how it goes :)

for the record, I haven't been using any cleansers or topicals, I just use water and at night rub some fresh aloe vera on my trouble spots.

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