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ACV with regimen

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Has anyone tried using the ACV (apple cider vinegar) method along with the regimen? Apparently a lot of people just drink a little bit of this every day and somehow clears their acne. Just curious if this would be an okay extra product to use along with the regimen. I recently used some as spot treatment for my bacne and it worked awesome.

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It depends on how long you've been on The Regimen.

If you're just starting, it's not a good idea to add any other treatments or anything like that until you're staying consistently clear so that there are no extra factors that might affect whether or not you clear up.

If you've been on The Regimen for a few months and are staying clear, it's okay to change or add things one at a time. Then you'd need to wait a couple of months to see if and how the new factor affects your skin before attempting to add or change something else.

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Ive been on the regimen for about 8 weeks. So maybe ill give it a few more before i add more product. Also I thought it was really strange that i havent had a breakout in about 3 weeks and i woke up today with about 4 small zits right on my cheek under my eye which having moderate acne for 10+ years i have never had zits on that part of my face. I have to assume its from all of the product i have been putting on my face, however im afraid to start treating that area with bp because i will be admitting to just another part of my face i get acne. Has anyone else had this experience of the regimen causing acne where youve never had it before?

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