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The medications that finally has me cleared up

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I am a 19 year old caucasian woman that has been dealing with moderate acnesince I hit puberty at 13. When my acne first started it was very mild, just your typical little barely there bumps and as i got older it got worse and worse.

My senior year in high school it hit its worst point. I always had pimples on just my cheeks for the most part. But it was now spreading to my forehead and chin. I had black heads on my nose and chin and between my eyebrows and some dotted everywhere. I also had white heads mostly on my cheeks and then the really hard "nodules" would pop up around my hairline or on my chin. So yes i basically had it all.

I really thought it was going to get better not worse. I was so sick and tired of it one day after having every over the counter product fail me.

I tried pro-active which did actually help me some but only to a point. It did not stop my acne and clear it up. But it did seem to make the nodules calm down. I tried basically everything out there. So after my acne had taken on a whole new level of bad, i decided i had had enough and i went to the dermatologist.

He perscribed to me three medications. Two were topical and one was an oral antibiotic.

I use the gel Benzaclinin the morning after washing my face. Then before bed i use the gel Atralin. I take one antibiotic pill in the morning called Solodyn. This has completely cleared my skin up!

One over the counter product i use is Neutrogena's fight and fade gel. That has been taking care of my left over scar marks. It not only fights pimples but fades your marks, which i have on my cheeks. My scar marks are actually starting to fade away.

I must add that i have just started a birth control to keep helping my skin because its cheaper than the solodyn, its been working great for my friend's skin problems, and i believe it would be healthier to be on that birth control for long term rather than the antibiotic. I am taking ortho tri cyclen lo. I started this after my skin had completely cleared up.

Im so incredibly happy about my skin now! I never thought that my acne affected my self esteem that much until it started clearing up. Now i have a lot more confidence.

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Moved to the Mild To Moderate Acne board. (The Acne.org Regimen board is for posts about the Acne.org regimen--please read the board descriptions before posting so that you'll know which board your post should go on.)

Welcome to Acne.org, Samfinallyclear.

I'm glad you've found treatments that work for you. : )

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