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This post is suspiciously like advertising. Please read the board rules. Your post above has been edited.

IF you want to make a log out of your use of these products, feel free to do so. WITHOUT MENTIONING THE PRODUCT USED, as it benefits ONE AND ONLY ONE PERSON.

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has anyone here tried Dr Neal's acne boot camp product , it looks amazing I saw it on you tube , just type in acne boot camp on you tube and you will see many videos of people being completely cured of acne , his sucess rate is 99 to 100 percent , the cost is around 300.00 canadian for the supplies , it seems expensive but I think this doc knows a bit about acne , I did some reading and found out that Dr Neal is a former accutane user himself and the drug didn't help him much like me and so many other people and because of this he developed this system , he is a trained dermatologist , anyways I think I am going to order this kit it seems to have very impressive results , good luck to every one on your quest to tame the beast that is called ACNE

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if your willin to give dr neil a shot go to the inoffice program and jus pay the 900$ the results is 100 perecent but the home version sucks ass i ordered it and it irritated the crap out of my skin i had red patches wit yellow puss comin out of it i had to stop usin it but im not goin to lie the testimonials are pretty amazin well atleast i thought they were

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