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Ice pick scar treatment without insurance

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Hey Acne.org,

I moved out a couple months ago and live on my own. However, I do not have health insurance as of now and was wanting to get rid of a scar on my right cheek. Its a small area but I was curious to know if I went to a clinic how much it would be without insurance? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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scar correction is considered cosmetic, even if you had insurance it would not be covered.

Each surgeon prices differently. I highly doubt a clinic would perform plastic surgery.

It also depends on the size of the area to be removed and whether it requires a punch for an icepick scar (cost less) or scalpel excision for larger scars (cost more)

Big city usually = big bucks, usually a hideous rip off.

Ive paid up to $600 (im an idiot) for a scalpel excision and as low as $200 for the same.

rural area usually = less pricey. I had a punch excision for $50 and a scalpel exc. for $100

Of course the doc will want you to come in for a consultation first to evaluate your situation. Some charge a consult fee (sometimes as high as $150 or more) and some are free. Find this out when you make the appt. so there are no surprises.

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