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Acne GONE while breastfeeding - what does this say about my acne?

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Hi all!

I'm 30 years old and I have adult acne. I had "normal" teenage acne that never went away. I did some Accutane cycles in college. I went on ProActiv a few years ago and things got a little better. Then I heard about Acne.org and started seeing better results. I still had moderate acne though.

I had a baby 8 months ago. During my pregnancy I had pretty bad acne. I figured that it was all part of the process. Acne.org BP helped but it was still pretty bad. After the baby was born (and after the first few weeks of hormonal hell), my acne pretty much cleared up during my breastfeeding period. Yay!

So now I am moving out of the breastfeeding phase and into more solid foods. The baby is only breastfeeding at night now and my acne is coming back.

With this story, do you think that this is evidence that there is something hormonal going on with my acne? Any suggestions on what I can do going forward to keep the acne away? I will get more consistent with the regime (I was a little lax in the early months of baby-life), but other suggestions would be great.


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I would totally think that there's something hormonal going on with you! Breastfeeding surpresses hormones, which is how if you are exclusively breastfeeding, you have very little chance of getting pregnant. Kind of like nature's bcp. Since you're no longer exclusively breastfeeding, you are seeing a recurrance of acne, your body is signaling to you that you are ready to get pg again (well at least on a biological level). My acne was sort of opposite in that I kept getting worse through pregnancy and bf'ing (and also explains why bcp never helped my acne). Anyway, I would bring it up with maybe your ob/gyn (since they deal with hormones the most) or maybe even a derm (though I'm more inclined to think that most derms would rather give you a pill or some topical stuff rather than getting to the bottom of the situation) I've heard that some dr.'s will do a homonal profile to see what is causing the acne. Maybe someone with that experience will chime in. Good luck!

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