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Ive been on accutane for 6 weeks and I want to get my nose pierced now that my skin is starting to clear up. Has anyone had problems getting piercings on accutane. I asked my derm and he said he wouldnt suggest it, but i dont see why it would hurt to get it done and i can always take it out if i start having problems with it or its not healing as fast.

I realy dont want to wait 5 more months!!! I had my nose pierced before and due to the placement being wrong and me changing the ring about 5 times before it was healed, i got one of those annoying bumps that wouldnt go away (no not acne haha) so i took it out and it just closed up and you cant even see where it was anymore.

Anyway...dose anyone have some advice about this....like i said, its something i really want to do and dont want to wait 6 months for!!

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lol, I always reply to your topics.

I would actually heed the advice on this one. Since accutane makes your skin heal more slowly, you could end up scarring or getting an infection. Can you imagine, accutane clears up all your acne and leaves you with a beautiful complexion, but you have a scar on your nose? Ugh.

I have a nose stud that has been in for the past few years, and I have been considering taking it out just because my nose is so, uh, dry on accutane. Well, you had a nose piercing, I'm sure you can figure it out. ;)

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Haha yah you do always reply and i appreciate it!!! :)

You are probly right that I should listen to my derm and wait till im done, but damnit i dont want to!!! I'm gonna ask him next time if i can just try it and take it out if it doesnt work. Hell probly get mad and be like "I already told you not to!!" hah.

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it is a veryyyyyyyyyyy bad idea to get piercings while on accutane.

i had my belly button done about 8 months before i started, and about 4 months into the course, i had to take the piercing out. it would NOT heal and was starting to reject.

i also had my cartilage pierced a month before i went on accutane. it had started to heal up, but all of a sudden got so infected and messed up, i had to take that out too.

I told my derm about the loss of both piercings (they happened within 1 week of each other) and he said it was definitely the tane.

he also said to wait 6months-1 year AFTER getting off tane to get anything pierced!!!

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