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Doseage questoin..please hellp

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Okay, so I am a female, 165lbs. My acne isnt severe...its more than moderate though. My derm put me on sotret 80mg a day and ive been on it for about 6 weeks. I am definitely noticng an improvement in my skin but i am wondering if i need to be on a higher doseage. I see a lot of girls on here that are 110lbs and on 80mg a day so i feel ike i need to be higher than that.

I experienced really dry skin and lips for the first month and now im hardly having any side effects except my nose is dry.

My cholesterol was too high last time i saw my derm so my doctor prescribed me zocor to lower itbut that takes about 4-6 weeks, so i know my demr wont raise it at my next apointment, but maybe after the zocor and my healthy eating kicks in he will be able to raise it??

Whats the cummulative doseage to kg supposed to be? anyone know?

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Hey there! I am not a dermatologist but I study Pharmacology at uni, so dealing with different drugs pretty much every day.

The typical Isotretinoin daily dosage should be between 0.5mg-2.0mg per kg of body weight. Thus, you weighing 165 lbs (which is about 75kg) should be taking between 37.5mg and 150mg. Since you're taking 80mg/day this dosage is perfect as it equals to just a bit more than 1mg/kg of your body weight. Anything above that, would just increase the risk of side effects, and is only used in severe cases.

The cumulative dose of Accutane ranges between 120mg-150mg per kg of body weight. Therefore, you weighing about 75kg should aim to reach a dose between 9000mg-11 250mg.

Assuming that you are going achieve the mean cumulative dose of 10 000mg and will continue to take 80mg/day, you should finish your course in about 125 days, which is 4 months and 5 days.

Saying that, the above calculations are just set numbers and your dermatologist will adjust the daily dose and the cumulative dose (length of treatment) to your individual case.

Hope this helps and good luck with the treatment!

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Thanks, very helpful advice!! :) Sounds like that dose should be fine for me. I'm glad too because im not excperiencing too many side effects at all. My dr. is planning on me being on it for 6 months though, not 4. Or thats what he told me at the beginning anyways.

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I am glad it helped! Well, as I said, these are just numbers and usually the length of the treatment is longer than calculated (so the cummulative dose is higher). This in turn gives a better chance of 'cure'. I was on accutane myself, 6 months ago. I was taking 80mg/day for the first month and then 120mg/day for the remaining 4. I weigh only about 65 kg....so my daily and cummulative dose was MUCH higher than recommended. But it was so worth it...I am 6 months post tane and, knock on wood, CLEAR!

Again, all the best with your course and keep us updated!

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