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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Celebrities with Bad Skin: Even Celebrities Also Get Acne

Scarlet Johannson, Carrie Prejean, Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway, and Kristine Dunst are just some of the Hollywood actresses who are adored for their beautiful skin. On the other hand, behind all the make up and heavily photoshopped pictures, you would find out that not all celebrities are actually that flawless. Celebrities are but human, so even they can get those annoying acne that normal people like us have to trouble about.

Megan Fox is just one celebrity many have spotted to have bad skin. In the past months, images of her pimpled face were sprawled all over the net. It was taken during the premier of the first Transformers film, where she stars as Mikaela Banes. Looking at her pictures up close, you would see that Megan does not exactly have the most blemish-free skin people taught she had. She has acne and acne scars on the areas near her nose. Her skin also looks a bit rough because of the huge pores around her nose area.

The teen pop sensation of the late 90s, Britney Spears, may have millions of dollars worth of record sales under her belt, might have forgotten to take some necessary skin treatments from time to time. In this picture, the big red blemish on former Mrs. Federline is really conspicuous.

Hollywood celebrities are icons of beauty. It is a prime for actresses to look their best from head to toe, and needless to say, having flawless looking skin a non-negotiable qualification, so skin treatment is a necessity and not a choice for them to have. This is indeed a sad fact: In Hollywood, good looks and flawless skin are sometimes even more important than actual acting talent.







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