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Surgery for removal of blackheads?

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Hello everyone I'm brand new to this website.I'm wondering what kind of surgery/procedures there are for the removal of blackheads.I have major a blackhead problem on my nose and cheeks.There are approximately about 40-50 blackheads on my nose and about 20 or so on each cheek.They've been there for 4 or 5 years now and trust me I've tried just about everything there is because I understand that they wont just magically go away but its gotten to the point where I'm just sick of it.I started going to a dermatologist a year or two ago but that hasn't helped much as every time I go there he just rushes me out of there because hes always behind schedule.I'm planning on getting set up with a derm that specializes in some form of acne surgery or whatever you would call it.

I've done a little research about some options like micro-abrasion and a few others but I'm not sure which procedure would be the best one to look into or to talk with a dermatologist about.So if someone out there would maybe suggest something or if anyone knows about a particular surgery or whatever to help get rid of my blackheads it would be greatly appreciated.I have good insurance and I'm willing to spend money to just get this done and over with so I can get on with my life.Thanks for reading hopefully I'll be hearing back from some of you.

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Extractions can really help get rid of existing blackheads, but you will still need to do something to prevent them from coming back again. If you are able to get extractions on a regular basis (e.g, every couple months), it really makes a difference. One facial with extractions probably won't result in any long term improvements though - you need to keep getting them to really see results.

A good topical skin care regimen will help too - products such as retinoids (either over the counter or prescription) and mandelic acid (an OTC exfoliant) can really help keep the problem under control. Also, as long as your skin isn't sensitive and you aren't prone to getting a lot of inflamed acne, manual exfoliation with a gentle cleansing scrub or a soft toothbrush can also help.

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