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acne stopping me from leaving the house

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just wanted to know if anyone else has done this before , but like sometimes i wake up and when i look it the mirror, i cant face going out, even if ive made plans with freinds if my face is in the middle of a break out i cancle right at the end, truth say i havnt really done anything for three days now and its getting to me. its not like i lock my self in my room but i can tell my mum n dad are conserened why i dont go out often now, is there anyone else in my situation

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ill be the first to admit i have done that. and for about 2 months i didnt go out because of my acne. but i kinda just started thinkin to myself is acne really that bad that im willin to cut off social ties with everyone. i dont know if you've seen my other posts, but i always try and encourage people to look at the brighter side. i think half the people on here feel the way you do. i sometimes still do, i wake up to a person in the morning i dont want to be(sad but true). but its the hand i was dealt with, and its what i make of it. most people want to consider acne as somethin that is the end of the world for them but its far from it. acne sucks..yeah, no one wants it, but for myself, i would MUCH rather have acne then say an std, cancer, obesity, anorexia, downsyndrome, autism. if it wasnt 11 am i could name more, but its just the concept that somethin as vague as some red bumps can really make or break people. i wish the best for you, but i dont want to put you down for how you feel, cause i know what ya mean..but just try and look at the positive and put yourself in a dif situation

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<--- Right now I'm on summer break, so I spend my days sleeping and worrying. The less obligations I have, the less I feel like leaving the house whenever I have to. I'm also pretty nervous around people, since I feel watched and not taken seriously, although that's just something I made up, but can't stop thinking about.

I don't even go downstairs anymore if we have visitors or something.

The weird thing is, compared to others my acne is pretty mild. But still it seems to affect me more than others in a psychological way.

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