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Hi people,

I haven't visited these boards for a while and I just thought I would pop in and share my progress with my skin problems. ( I posted this earlier in the Holistic Section but it's probably better here)

To make a long story really, really short.... I once had crazy bad skin (at 2 different times of my life, for a total of 7 years) but now I am completely 100% clear of acne. Yippee!! :dance:

So, for what it's worth I would like to share the methods I used to get clear. I'm going to try and keep this very short and sweet (so this post might be a little messy) and share my little nuggets of precious information from my personal experience, hopefully some of what I am going to share with you will benefit some of you guys.

Firstly, some of the thing things I tried that DIDN'T work:

1. Tetracycline

2. Roaccutane (though it did clear me up for around 2 years)

3. Chris Gibson's Ance Free in 3 days diet (oh man I still have nightmares about apples)

4. Sticking potter's clay on my face

5. Slathering my face in castor oil every night

6. Skin Peels

7. Tea bags on my face (because apparently the anti-oxidants will kill the bacteria in my pimples.... LOL)

8. Food Combining (Though this does have some value in it I think)

9. Basically every commercial skin product on the market

OK I'm sure alot of you guys have been through all of that or similar in trying to get clear. Alot of commercialized products, techniques from distant relatives and stuff you find surfing the net. Maybe some of that stuff will work for some people but in my opinion, keep trying to get clear that way and you will be stuck in a vicious circle.

Surprisingly what worked for me was very simple, cheap, and now looking back makes perfect sense to have worked, and to continue to work.

So here are my tips to getting clear, some are very obvious and you may already be putting them to use, but maybe there is that 1 missing link that you need to finally get clear! I have also provided some resources for each tip for you to go check out if you wish. (Mostly YouTube vids).

Here we go:

1. Getting proper sleep

Now I had suffered from insomnia for many years, and people who also suffer know that this is easier said than done.

But, if you make an EFFORT to condition your body to sleep you CAN overcome insomnia.

How did I do it personally? 2 things:

• Yoga

• Meditation

Now, I'm not going to give you lessons on meditation and yoga here but I can tell you that these 2 practices (which have now become daily habits) will not only change your sleep and your skin problems, they will change your entire LIFE. And when I say change I mean DRASTICALLY IMPROVE. If you decide to get into the habit of Yoga and Meditation to get better sleep, do it before you go to bed and you will find yourself refreshed but relaxed and getting to sleep will be easy.

The aim of Yoga and meditation for sleeping is to stop your brain from thinking, that is the main reason people can't sleep is because their mind isn't clear and relaxed, if you can clear your mind before going to bed without Yoga or meditation congratulations.

But anyway, make sure you get proper sleep... that's my rule #1.


- Look up Burt Goldman or The Silva Mind Method for some guided meditations on Youtube, but if you want to get serious I suggest you go and read some books. One book in particular is called 'The Wheels of Life' by Anodea Judith.

- Look up some Yoga videos on YouTube or go and buy a DVD so you can do at home before you sleep.

2. Drinking CLEAN water

My case might be unique, but I am very sensitive to the chemicals in tap water. I didn't know this for a Loooong time and to make things worse I was boiling my water before drinking it (which actually didn't get rid of the chemicals in my tap water, it just concentrated it).... to make things even worse I had a very dirty electric kettle which was basically black inside from all the chemicals that was getting boiled up inside.

So yeah, I was on a regimen of drinking 10 glasses of water a day but little did I know I was just depositing poisons (to me anyway) into my body and lymph system.

What I have now is a very, very good water filter (It cost me $300). My filter has a bulb-like ceramic filter at the top and after a week of passing tap water through it, it is covered in brown sludge. There are another 6 filtering mechanisms after the bulb so I know I am drinking very clean, pure water. Whenever I drink tap water these days I can really taste the difference.

So, please make sure you are drinking CLEAN water, by what ever means. And oh, don't drink soft drinks or even fruit juices do you know how much sugar are in those things?!

3. Regular exercise and sunlight

All I do is walk for 45 minutes outdoors every day and play basketball in a league on the weekends, but you do what you like as long as you get outside regularly and move your body.

If you have bad eating habits, or have been drinking dirty water for years (like I had), when you do strenuous exercise and sweat you will probably notice that your acne gets worse for a little while. You may even notice that the sweat stings your eyes until you almost cannot see.

This is because your lymph system is dirty and the only way to get your lymph system circulating is by moving your body. When you move your body the toxins in your lymph nodes are circulated around and eventually excreted in to the blood system, if you are in bad shape (like I was) it will probably be too much for your liver to handle so some of the toxins will have to escape through your skin (though I never knew why it had to be the skin on my face!)

But after awhile you will notice that as the toxins are gradually getting flushed out of your lymph system your acne wont get worse after sweating.

4. Knowing the Laws of the Universe

OK this might sound 'out there' and you might not be into this stuff but I believe this is extremely important and was possibly the most crucial step for me to get clear. These Laws not only have cleared my skin, they have drastically improved my health, my finances, my relationships, my career and most importantly my happiness.

Specifically, the Laws which I think helped me most to get clear are:

• The Law of Sacrifice

• The Law of Attraction

• The Law of Obedience

The Law of Sacrifice

Basically the Law of Sacrifice states that 'You have to give up things of a lower nature to gain things of a higher nature'

E.g - Give up drinking soft drinks to gain clear skin / stop eating junk food to lose weight / give up smoking for greater health etc.

This is about discipline and creating new positive habits. We are all controlled by our habits, create positive habits and positive results will soon follow.

The Law of Attraction

I'm sure all of you have heard a little about it (probably through a movie called 'The Secret') so I'm not going to explain anything here.

Basically the beauty of this Law is it caused me to stop WORRYING about my acne and checking it out in the mirror every 10 minutes.

It taught me to feel good even when I looked horrible, not to focus on what I didn't want, and basically be happy throughout my process of healing (which did take a while). The shift of focus from being miserable to being happy even though my condition hadn't yet changed is what I believe guided me to the things which eventually healed me.

The Law of Obedience

Simply to quote Bob Proctor: 'He who obeys the laws of Nature and acts as an obedient servant later becomes the master and reaps a full harvest.'


- Law of Sacrifice & Obedience: There's not all that much stuff out there about these Laws (they aren't as popular as The Law of Attraction) but you can hear about them on an interview with Bob Proctor on thinklovelive.com . I would also recommend getting a set of the 11 Laws program if you are able, I definitely learnt and grew alot from the teachings of this program.

- Law of Attraction: To get the absolute, perfect understanding of the Law of Attraction you MUST check out ABRAHAM-Hicks on YouTube, there are thousands of videos there for you to see and truly understand what it is and how to use it. There is a YT user called snake0charmer who has tonnes of their videos uploaded.

I feel personally indebted to these two sources of information, I truly believe they have changed my life.

And that's it! That was my formula for getting clear. (Wasn't so short and sweet after all =p)

The funny thing is now looking back, I bless my acne, I am grateful for the experience because having it FORCED me change my lifestyle, habits and patterns of thinking. I started exercising, doing Yoga, meditation, learning about the Laws of the Universe, eating and drinking healthy and as a result of making these practices a habit, they have not only cured my acne, they have improved every area of my life. They have literally transformed me.

Anyway, I hope some (at least one) of these tips has helped some of you guys out.

If you have any questions or would like more information on any of the above topics feel free to ask me and I will do my best to help you out.

Obviously I'm not on these boards as much as I used to be, but I will check in every now and then =)

Good luck and be happy!


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